the West Chester Cyclocross race


Today I did my work.  
I met some goals, and I think, I did better than I expected, with a 5th place finish. 
Douglas Gray, chased me down, I cleared my head, quick made a plan, snuck by him, and made it stick to the line. 

Bob Reuther and team made a good race great, with gentle tweaks to a tough race, that made it better.
Just pushing or pulling a stake in or out, making a corner, flow, but with challenge, 
that's a good course. 

today I got off the line fine, 
even put my nose out in the clean air for a short bit. 
But this race is an honest maker, and 
I could'nt stay up front.

my goals in cross, some are not about the racing, 
I got to the course early, and had a bit of nice extra time.
Pedaling around the parking lots, I got a chance to stop and chat 
and listen, shake hands, 
talk racing, 
whomever I came across. 

There is no way to explain this to someone, cyclocross
how it is, 
what it is like. 
Hopefully you do your best and are able to give it your all. 
on and off the bike. 

good weekend.  dlowe


Cooper River

I'd race, if the prize was, a paper plate with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, on it.
I don't know if it's going to be a regular thing,
but it seems to be working excellent.  Marc Vettori, took the camera, and as always,
brought the "A" game, taking the pictures, and provided all the excellent photos.

Cooper River, is a family affair.  so well done, great day, .....really,.... I thought about this race every night, after long days of work,  falling to sleep.  How I was just going to stick the wheel, and ride as hard as I can.  NO matter what.

There are a lot of number #1 races,  but this is #1,
Big foam finger, NUMBER ONE!

the loner, and all our little groups, old men, and old women, one really old women,
fat, thin, long bearded
fast, really fast
and slow.
elbows out,
something about MAC
the Sisterhood,
someone planted good seeds, watered them, and
the roots, linger strong.

I really needed a day like today, so whoever in whatever way
had something to do with it,...
Cheers MF's!





there was something special about this weekend.

the two days of racing, I finished with a sprint to the line against a junior.  We start infront of them, and mix together during the racing, I don't know if he caught me or I came up to him.
But after the planter, I looked over at him, "sprint to the line?"
and he knew what I meant.

Little did he know, how much beat down this old man has had over the years,
and that last year, this same situation, I pimped Paul Wahner for 2nd.

We went at it.
Him into the last few corners first,
and out of the last corners onto the pavement,
I picked it up,
and three pedal strokes, shift,
hold back,
and pimped him at the line.

It made me happy, shit it took me about 5 minutes up by the zoo,
some place private
to catch my breath.

I saw him and his dad, he was laying on the ground,
his dad laughing and patted me on the back
him smiling to.

this weekend, it's a bit more subtle,
warm, my heart feels it deep.

I hate giving advice,
but I just can't tell someone to go hard, to catch 'em
it does not work that way
there has to be an honest talent, joy,

I gave my camera to Haley,
and with much thanks,
she provided all of the great pictures!

Cheers Charm City, well done!




Hippo Cross

another Jersey Race, I got bent and really close to the snapping point, legs were like mini-spare tires, rolling along.   16th, in a goings backward battle for me today.  Great fast course, fun to race, just did not have anything, was a beautiful windy sun speckled cool fall day. 

I stuck around a bit, chatted and spun out, and watched the juniors race. 

sorta a bonus day, just stick one out, and took the lumps that I got,  and that, was still a real nice cross day.

Cheers!  dlowe