Rose #1

            rose #1

there is a fire that burns in my soul.   and it does burn.  
Home bound for a bit,  I crashed coming around the last lap,  I came to,  hot, in the sun, wanted to move to the shade.  Dazed, I was told to stay put.
I can't heal fast enough,
with two broken ribs,  I'll be off a bit

I clipped some plants, found some window light, and dropped a piece of cloth.
to pass the time

it was nice to work,

Cheers,  dlowe



I enjoy pinning on my number, sitting in the back of my car.   Its just a random number, I always try to read something into it.  Today after a couple of good races, I played it wrong, went to early, and miss it, late, so just flounder trying to make up by chasing it down and got nowhere.   The sprint was ok, but should of taken my own line instead of trying to follow a wheel of the best sprinter through, for a placing in the field.  12th today.

I stopped wearing a heart rate strap around my chest,  it feels good to not be bound.   I don't have a coach, or a training plan,  just working on my weakness, getting good rest,....  and sorta gave up the gu's and stuff before races, just regular food, I've found that eating an apple does me better.

I want to come back into cross with the mind set I left off with last year.  To race hard, as hard as I can, and be smart.  Leave it out there.   I race myself, not out to beat anyone.   I want to win every race.    I want to get off the line quick.  Corner like a pick-pocket, tight.  To stand and crush the pedals,  pouring every ounce of strength, into it, and keep it going.

I did not race the crit today like a 357.

cheers bros, and sis's,   its coming....


#9 Unorthodox SSCX

It has taken a number of years to make it to Water Ice Cyclocross ride #9 Unorthodox SSCX.
I  made up the route as we went,  what trail, road bit to take.
and I went the other direction, for the first time, starting at the shop, Cadence, and ending at Chloe's waterice stand, counter clockwise.
It seemed to roll better.
The night before the ride, I thought about it, linking it all together.
In the morning Kelly rode up to my house, helped me out by getting my eccentric bottom bracket tight, while I kitted up.  Ben parked and we rolled down.
There's never been a bad ride, ...flats, my crash, dropped riders, lost riders, some left behind.
The ride just rides by itself, as always, just finding its way, whatever.
To the end.
A lot of us sat at the Ice stand, some in the sun, the old men in the shade.
This is the bank, the deposits, for the tough, hard days,
injuries, bad luck, good legs put into the tape,
Numb toes,  the shivering in grid.
I ride easy, cause it makes me want go hard. .... but I hit up the Summit climb, pacing myself, then for a minute or two dug in, flying by the riders, flying up the hill, driving the SSCX bike strong,

Granogue, you scare me, you do, but I am going to wrap my arms around you,
and hug you, and attack, and kick some ass, in the best I can ways!

the season has begun. 
clinics, grasstracks, "organized" semi-secret practice spots, spooky cx, Racing, lots of racing...  cowbells and  yelling at ya from the other side of the yellow tape, encouraging you, more courage, more,  courage....


photo: Anne Rock

       photo: Jules Benson

       photo: Jules Benson



I turned the corner into the hills of Gladwyne,  put in my ear buds and shuffled Oasis.

I skipped out on  finishing the Tuesday morning sprints,  I got a slow flat after a couple of laps, slow enough that I'd just pump it up once or twice and made it home.   Just as well,  my legs felt pretty good,  but I dug deep Sunday racing,  skipping a few hard sprints, and riding,  would do me better.

I day of Greentree on Sunday, (Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham) or maybe should be better know as "the sham",  I have to say it was "thee most BoBo"  put on race I've done.
the bikereg page had the bear minimum of information.   at the course, no day of sheets,  filled out a day license sheet, put my number on it somewhere, paid $45,  and wondered,  what time I'd be racing.
no bathroom,  long delays,  long delays from a crash,.... a long day of  non-chalanting care.

the race itself,   as soon as we got one lap done,  that was the grand world I lived in,
I had good legs,  it was a nice mix,  as the 35+ 45+ were combined.    A good counter break was made and 9 dudes made it up the road.   It took a while,   I got away with a rider,  a few more joined us and our dysfunctional break worked/lack of worked,  to somehow reel in the lead break, with two off its front.
We mixed in with two to go,  I got a good wheel out the last corner and held onto 7th.
I was beat to shit, and horse.     Ragged out, rung dry.

I had a blast,  but jeeze,  if your going to put on a race, where racers leave blood on your course, give it their soul.   Treat them with a bit of respect, honor, even if its just the motions,  Its a race,  we paid to race,  You as a promoter,  don't do the race, if you don't have the heart/$/care,  to make it a least a little bit of an event.

Cheers, dlowe