Campaign '18

Today is the first day of work.   I road out to a lull of a hill, Centennial Rd.  A mile long hill with an rolly 4% grade.   At the top, it's a short bit at 7%, I stand and pick up the cadence, to the stop sign.

generally riding around my neighborhood at 7-9am is not so good.  The cars, suv's buzz me, the blue jay, barn swallow drivers, with yoga mats, kids to drop off, dogs to primp-up, and salons to spiff up in, swoop and dive, and make me feel unwelcome, I always wonder if this will be the day I die.

I ended last season, analyzing, I got out this winter, planning, and today, spring, I start implementing.
A weakness in my racing, the top of the climb, climbing.
Today, this rolling hill was targeted to remedy that.
and it's Not so much of doing more climbing this year, but stronger climbing, with a better finish at the top, is my goal.

The weather, conditions for riding were special, chilly, snowed lingering, pretty dry roads.
Green coming alive, brighter in hue and saturation.
My finger tips burned a bit, still cold.
Centennial Road is quite, and I was left alone, to do my job.

I do, ...I hate fast cars.

Cheers!  dlowe


status quo

The break at the end of cross season and back into training ends for me at the day light savings time switch.  My rides up to now have been pretty much laid back,  just going enough to stay on top of the pedals, with a comfortable spin.

My wife, Ljiljana , knows I love roses, pale roses, the Pale Yellow to the Antique Whites.

We usually buy roses/flowers for each other when we are leaving, going away on a trip.  They stay pretty and keeps the heart happy while we're away. 

I buy her more of a baby's breath, field looking, natural, or if its summer just make a nice bouquet from whats blooming in our yard.  

Group training rides start, the sprints,  'b' drives, GV30 and racing some old man Crits.   It will all be balanced by what the spring weather gives.  

The changing of the clock.  New batteries in the smoke detectors.  Efforts and building, racing. 

It's quiet, a tension, the joy, of  turning left out of the staging corporate office parking lot, to start the GV30.  New kits.   Pale legs.  Cool shoes. 

Cheers spring!  dlowe



I was behind Lance, crossing the Strawberry mansion bridge, in his slipstream.  Kelly on my left, Lance is a big one, and Kelly and I  both were out of the wind.  Towed along.

     photo: Mr. J. Benson

My legs were pretty heavy, sapped, I've got some couple of days of long easy stuff in them,
Up out of the Wiss. Kelly and I climbed.

     photo: Mr. J. Benson

we'd left the group on the cynwyd trail with a thank you, adios.

      photo: Mr. J. Benson

Down Nature Boy we roared, Loose, like the Stooges song.

It's always is and been a hard adjustment for me, from the cross season, to not racing.
I got out on the mountain bike, did a long road ride, and today, Bicycle Revolutions' CX ride.
Busy stuff, not going hard, a few more weeks and I'll settle in.

A good day,  nice week, more ahead I know, easy does it.

Cheers!  dl



a pregnant pause, .....we all sat still laughing and cackling, joking, and trying not to have our eyes closed as the anonymous hiker women did us good, and snapped a memory for us.

It's been a number of years now, a small group of us get together, to watch Worlds CX. and then do a mountain bike ride afterwards.  and it's fun, and it's the off season, and the cravings I get, I don't not yield to them I indulge.
My tires get fatter, my stomach grows happy, and a bit of fat builds around the gut.
 This break is really important, and along with the long slow miles to build base, I try to ride a lot of miles, that are full of smiles, cat calls, fun stuff.

I say, there are too many problems and downers to stress out about all the time, that I need a place, that I remember, to enjoy, tune out of the world, and take it easy, and laugh.
These are The Greatest base miles.

Cheers!  dlowe