Counting Coup

Granogue was such a grand battle, between me and my foes, ...but I came out on the short end of the stick.  It stirred up an unsettleled anger, and I took it out on Quacker CX,  riding mean.  I'm not happy about that.  I dq'd my results for myself.  I still have a foe to beat.  In a more happy, fair mooded way.

  one of the many fine turns at Cooper River

It was nice little two week break, and a nice, good way to get back into it: Cooper River Cyclocross,  I'd have to say this is the littlest, bestest race around.   If Copper River was a rider,  ..."shit...that's Cooper River lined up at the back..."   my thoughts in the starting grid.  He'd ride an old steel bike, a short stout rider, thin but all muscley.   That pug of a racer would cleanly pass us all, taking his time,  riding what we had to run.   He'd find a cleaner line in the corner and pass for fun.  Sitting on the lead group,  taking the speed very slowly up,  you'd not even notice, the gap would only grow by inches,  but somehow he'd drop each and everyone in the group.   He was never a strong rider, just stronger somehow, and its not that he won every race,  he just did it, really well.

I like this race, Cooper River cx, and its one that I want to race every year.    This course is the heart of cross,  everything fits just right into the small park.    Its master work.    

I need my foes to battle, sometimes I'm a bit rude on course, sometimes you chop my wheel, in unclear, argo moments of hot passion to pass.   I hope for the race, where it comes down, the battling all race,  it comes down to a man to man sprint,  and that ether you get me at the line,...

Cheers to the passion.  dlowe



There is a small new trail put in the park, and its a good one for me.  Just a bit from my house and links nice.  I did my cx workout on my singlespeed cx bike.  Just a loop with three separate kicks up hill.
I've been on the single speed a lot.
It seems no one has named the segment on strava yet,  so Bowfinger it is.
Never thought much of single speeders, I don't see myself as one.
Don't know why I like that bike so much.  The old team custom paint maybe?

                                 a bit of art from Duchamp,

no racing this weekend.....  Zoikes!

regards,  David.


The pope of Cyclocross

I am a bit opinionated, and mouthy.
The honor, suffering, toil,  the soul searching, for that little bit of strength to crush my opponent. To stay with my group and have a chance,
to out wit 'em.

I expect it, from everyone and everything else involved, associated with CX.
To put me to task, not make it easy.  To make it, more,.....  better,....   CX.

                            Riding hard,  today I won a few battles,  yesterday I lost a few.
                        photo: Joey Bruce                    

maybe I learn something every race, every ride, I make mistakes, and some of them, no matter how much I try, are the same ones, again, and again.

Give me faults, test my faith, savor the pure and excellently run,
You put on a race, nowadays, you've got history to deal with, blood.
So do it your best.

 Dennis and M. Featherman, evaluating the wacky prologue of the strangely named and rough around the edges Quaker City Cross.
Cheers fellow racers,  respect CX!  dlowe.



what I do, for work, my career and technology,
Is based on Mastery.
Technology, has given an ever affordable option to create.

I fell into my job, but fell into something I love,  what I do is a combination of grunt work, efficiency, art, and personality.
I am a minion of   "lighting"  a grip in plain terms.

I like the idea that capturing an image can steal your soul,   I believe it does,
and it steals the soul of all the people that it takes to create it.

It is an art,  the lens choice,  the lighting, the interaction with the subject,  where you park, and when and what is for lunch.  "afternoon coffee"

Day #2 Nittany,  31st.   I told my wife,  that I rode harder stronger faster.   In a way,  I told her I did better,  that if I rode the way I did on Day#1 that I would have been in the 40's.
I picked up at least ten spots by finishing 31st!

This illustrated guide shows just what little things do, in changing a simple lighting set up,
to the mood, look,  the message created,

direct link:  Digital Camera World

Ride hard, a good effort, the best I can master.