Belmont racing night

You'd think, that I would have some pictures of the racing, trails, riders, from tonight's ride.
I don't, tonight racing at Belmont was excellent, a point to point race,
ending on the top of the Plateau,
at the visiting beer garden.
A wonderful night, with a good breeze, and a clear view of the city of Philadelphia.
A night like tonight, makes me glad to live close to the city, to live close to Belmont,
to be able, to get on the bike, ride over to the trails, and, ride.

The thing about racing for me now a days, I want to win, but it's more
I guess when I was 15, I thought about being 16 and getting my drivers license.
and when I was 17, it was being 18 and being able to by 'low" beer.

riding back from the Belmont,
on the sidewalk in the dark
much like a kid,
I thought about, how much I love so many people in my life,
how important they are,
smart, clever, cantankerous, pains in the ass.
and milestones,
What age am I at, and what do I put out there in front of me
I ride like a 12 year old not knowing any better, for the vigor, and wonder lust,
that I still have and can't help.
I am going to loose people, dear loves,
and one day I will be lost,
so what the fuck,
I'm not going to live counting down the days, or worry about it,
I going to live tomorrow to make memories,
for myself,  or for others when I gone,
I want to live big, nicely, and love it while I'm at it,

Funny thing about mountain biking, gets me going, the corners, close calls, rock, logs,
or the trickles of blood from not exactly making it right.
My training, has changed over the years, I've added to it a bit,
to regal in the ride, the people, work, to dig deeper,
to try and see the quick moment pass by in slow motion,
and tonight, that is what I have done.



Getting the Monkey

I love when its racing season, when the ideas are plump, and low hanging.
blogging is never easy for me, writing is a chore.
and the off season, the cup tends to be bone dry, with no words, soul,
few post
and I fret,
I like the feeling of a good post.

I love the Monkey Hill time trial.
This year, I put in a bit more effort, and prep.
I flew out of the holders hands, a point .0025 early, I stood on the pedals and despite his heavy metal t-shirt he had no chance of holding me to zero.
I was up on top of the pedals, so early, really strong, crushing it to the 1st left turn,
I wove through the pots holes, hit
the corner into the cobbles a tad slow,
muscle the way across the rattling rocks,
and made the right on to the first paved road.
Soon, I was blind,
some of it was allergies,
some, it's a grand state!, was over my head in effort.
I just stayed in the drops,
A rare day on the bike, when nothing matters except going hard.
and I did,
till the final turn
to the Monkey Hill.
I finished 3rd, but I feel, I robbed myself going up the cobbles,
losing at least 10 seconds with a missed shift,
the last bits, up to the line,
was days, heavy slow never going to end
almost to a stop to cross the finish line.
Not 1st.

and of course It's nothing but a warm good feeling, thinking back on all the Monkey Hill TT's.
I have done.
I'll be back next year, and all my years after that.
Seems like a good place to race cx, and its a great named race,  The Monkey Hill.
it'd be prize, to win, for sure.

Cheers to second attempts!


3rd Monkey Hill TT

Senic Over-look

there is a good  view, one from high up on the podium, it was'nt mine,
still I got the lowest step 3rd, and that view was good also.

Looking off  into the park, the cobbles to the right, Lisa doing me a favor and taking the photo.

I love the Monkey Hill TT, for the last busy with work two weeks I toted around my trainer and got up at 5am and rode in my hotel room.
I pre-road the course in my head multiple times, looking for the places to improve, where gile,  or agility, eveness, would serve me best.

I felt so calm, my openers, a morning walk in DC, I's down there doing a lighting for a live video, and I stressed about it, also running it through my mind, all the options, and needs through my mind,
most nights falling to sleep.

I thought my legs would have pep,
but, nope, last nights Monkey Hill high was worn off,
they were heavy,
and it did not take much of anything to get me breathing heavy on todays ride.

I stopped and took in the high waters, birds chirping.
the foggy mist,
the Atennna hiding in the fog

I am consumed with it,

flying down again Nature Boy,
and this time it's blossoms
slapping me,
Left leg unclipped on the gravel corner,
and the bike
grabbing it
spraying it away.

I had to skid to a stop and take a picture of the most beautiful spot.
the senic overlook



cleaning up

the Monkey Hill time trial is coming up.
a Truth, a strange, un-even, short, blunt, race.
My training, is spot on, in the gym, doing my work, inspired and entertained, by
the strangeness that I can't help but notice.
hard work is a normal for me.
and from the Tuesday evening drives training ride to Thursdays Mtbike pho race at belmont.
I've gone steady,
better, smooth, educated, faster.
GV30 has finally made me a better mtbiker, I don't panic coming pedaling out of a corner, I come up to speed on my time,
and your wheel,
it just comes back to me,
on the open, climb or flat, the car it excel-orates, gulping up gas, care less,
by you I go, looking at the next wheel ahead of me,
10 or 15 seconds up.

yesterday a couple of young women stopped by, knocking on the door.
I had a couple of pans going on the stove,
turned 'em off.
They did a great job washing the Subaru, the pollen coated suburban beast.
I paid them double what they asked.

cause I'm rich, like that.
all the littlest things in the biggest way.
are easy.

Cheers! dlowe