the clinic

as we were walking back to the car with the barriers,
I think Kelly said "yua, know, cross people are good people"
"they are" I said,
"but maybe it's a learnt thing"
to me on of the best part of this sport, is learning.
we make good racers, we make us better people.
cross is silly, a gangly defined sport of make shift courses, hazards, and a Magnificently glorious short period of intense efforts.  I've seen tears, big happy teethe smiles.
numb toes and tomato red hot sweaty faces.
To do one race is grand, to do two dozen in a season is normal.

                                          photo: M. Avery

this free cx clinic has been going on now 20 years.   I came to cx late, I missed the roots, the beginings of the sport in this area.   But.    I've always tried to listen hard, and with quite

The group split into skill levels.

we did off camber, cornering, starts, barriers, all the stuff,

I always go away with the feeling that everyone wants me to be the best racer,
they give me their secrets,
correct my form, and nit comb my carry,
I don't know, I sorta get the feeling like all else in this queer sport,
that they want me to do my best to Crush them,
to be an unconventional,  a syncopation clean riding machine,  a fearsome, formidable opponent, ...
almost... a,
undefeatable  Opponent.
to bring out the most best in them,
that in the end, that all I want, is not to beat everyone, or to be 1st,
but to be the best at the worst of times.
at my best of conditions.

Cheers,  dlowe


Toe in.

a couple of  flavor of philly dlowe cx  riding day pictures. 

The water is cold, I dip just the tips of my toes in. It is chilly. I ease in.  
Riding in wet grass, chatting with my allies.  Getting ready to follow Reuther around. 
I wipe the thin dirt off the braking track of the rims, and behold, the squeal is gone. 
I wipe out, washing out the front tire, and I know as the bike slides out,
that someone is going to follow soon, and Joey P. is coming down on me. 
We're up, I apologize, nothings busted, and no bruises.  We chase back on, I apologize again. 

August, practice.  The first one was good. heavy. We are real lucky around this area.  The talent is deep, competitive, comitted in all the good ways.  Practices fan out from downtown phila.
to Reading, Delaware, I'd be piggly happy, rolling up to these practices, and join 'em. 
The blood is full of Carbon, glue, toe spikes, and a calm vigor. 
and I figure whatever the race attendance are, growing or shrinking, that cx runs about the same in all our veins. 

I've already got a room booked in Baltimore for Charm City. 
and a bit nervous to face the Queen Granogue. 

I'm glad to have this love.  real lucky.  
and the lolly gaggy time of water ice, and explorations, snapping pics of philly,
changes to sets of :30's.

Cheers Cyclocross Racers!



fresh thick cut grass,
I'm shaking it down, and inspecting, make a list of bits to order.
One more year on the Cannondale Super X.
It's treated me really well, and I love riding it.  I do dream of 1x11 electronic shift new machine.
Next year.  
for now,  I didn't think about it, just kept ripping around the yard,  our 1/4 acre plot.
I got a beat old set of tubulars and I'm free to destroy them, to lower the air and hear 'um rip.
flat pedals, and kicking a leg out, snapping the ass around.
Damn fun.

the Water Ice ride was yesterday, I really don't know the count, I just started counting, and this one was #11 Snake Eyes.  83 riders, I think I talked to, smiled at, chatted with about most.  and it seems like most had fun, and so,  this ragged ride will last on.

I did a search for some pics, but came up with some quotes from the past.

"My cross bike is my Spring Classic bike and its in pieces in the basement."

"what does "nice pace" mean?"

"where was everyone? I was at HZ at 9"

"I have to see if I can find the ability!"

I think in general, I am a more agreeable mood starting 7/4,  I cheer up a bit, a little lift in my step.
Cx has been a great find for me, a true joy.  It's ragged, haphazard, bluntness, I really love.
and if there is any truth to the Trickle Down Theory, I hope this ride, gives a bit of fun, understanding,  fear, and a stupid tasty reward at the end, to all my cx friends.

Cheers to you all,  dlowe.



I started out cycling on the mountain bike.  Despite my late in life start, lack of talent, my determination, and quick healing, immunity to pain, drove me on, to meet a goal. Cat 1.
I did it, and like things sometimes, you get there and that makes you quit.

I returned to racing the mountain bike today.
and had a Blast.
I rolled the start, good, I felt I wanted a 5th place finish, a top 5 was my goal.
I was balled up in thoughts, and I carved them down to, approaching the race, to think, that, as if the race was just a good  fast group ride.

this race goes on the short list of to do's, Monkey Hill, Riverton, Challenger,...

I am still breaking in a new camera, the Olympus tg-5, and am pretty happy with it.

                         My CX Bro, Featherman, rocking the Mtbike racing.

I don't think I ever want to have a goal again, then when I reach it, that, it's done.

I napped hard.  97% of the pictures I took today were under whelming.

I like the camera.  I like that it slips in a jersey pocket.  It reminds me of tri-x film.

I came in 8th,  most of the race, I was 6th, but got tired by the end, and lost them two spots.
I'm happy with that.

Race, Ride, Recover, and Challenge yourself.....

Cheers! dlowe