Philly Super Bowl Champs!


you had to be there, and I'm glad I was.  I got on the beater SS Free Spirit, made the quick ride in, for the parade. 
It felt like Philly, all I love about it.
We won.  and it was a grand parade of day celebration.

Cheers!  dlowe



                                                      photo: Bryan Hitch

"Good friends make great training partners!"  Kelly Cline

Batsto, is a 25+ miles of twist, turns, corners, bends, left, 360, right, twist and turns.
I'd never ridden out there, yet, despite that I've know that it is a destination, about and hour from Philly,
out on the edge of the pine barons, that stays dry, when all else is damp.  The sandy soil seems to hook up, you don't sink in, or plod along.   Attention is always on, keen lines, and in the mind, how wide your bars are.  Easy to clip a sapling tree.

We  went to ride, the mountain bike, to train for cyclocross nationals 2018,  Kelly, Lisa and I. 
the Time went by often with long quite stretches of riding; following or leading or riding 2nd wheel.
I learned better how to look through the rider in front of me, for the line.  How to drive the front wheel, tracing it to the outside arch, and that the back wheel followed tighter but clean on the inside. 
and how far to bend the bike, and center my body weight, and just a bit of show boating, unclipping and hanging out the leg on the inside, to swoop fast and loose. 

I do look forward going back to train on the cross bike there,  really to learn and memorize how Chicanes hook up.   

Kelly is right, about training friendship, none of us were out for KOM's, and I sure had nothing to prove.  At this point in life, being old is grand, and having good friends to ride with,  and that watch out for you, and that you lead them in the right direction,  that's what matters.   At this time of the season we're all pretty much on the same page.   Thinking and dreaming about having a great race at Nationals.  Just needing to get some riding in. 
and my goal, I know it's a pretty common one, with the people I ride with, and getting there the best we can, it's pretty fun.

Cheers to Nationals!  dlowe 


First tracks.

a Happy New Year to you.   Today is my first recovery day. 
A pretty week of riding.  Out in the woods and time on the indoor trainer and a bit of gym time.
Like most everyone.

I was stopped out on the trail, talking a bit with Mark Elsasser, chatting about Belmont, nice, and I drift off in thought, and think about the small sapling I am, holding onto, holding me up.
It'd be nice to give a firm shake, see all the snow come down off the branches.
I tune back in, and just shake the tree enough, to loosen a few flakes.

I have no racing to pontificate about. No broad swoopes of the glorious brush, of cyclocross racing, to recount.  Just, hunked down.  Simple, warm.   A few plans, off in a distance...

Cheers!   dlowe


In the Now

Headed up onto the trails of Belmont on the Cx bike.

after two weeks off the bike, lots of days of work, a bit of travel, I'm back out on the bike.
yesterday a mountain bike ride at Wissahickon, today, cx at Belmont.

Va Beach, VA  work.

             cool swamps in Va Beach,VA. working.

It is a bit tuff-er to write about stuff, when it's not about racing, standing on the podium, being crushed, wobbled legged, poor performance day.

Most of the year for me is not about a race. Not racing. 
All of the year I think a lot about racing, and what I want out of cyclocross racing.

I want a complete victory, to stand on the podium, finishing in 1st, but also, to be a good sport, a motivator, to fertilize the sport.   To ride with the best, even if it means I never win.

It's Thursday December 21st. two days back out on the bike, and I am checking in on the course previews of Nationals Louisville.   Planing out how to tweak my training.   Looking at bikes, new bikes for next year.

To stay in the now, to enjoy and relish all of this as it happens. 
I need to constantly reminded myself, to do. 
To have a goal, and to realize that all these easy days, riding with friends days,
cold training days are the ones that bring as much joy as one race day.
I've worked hard, and it's really paid off, I don't think I could have more friends #crossfamily,  great foes, with many beautiful place to ride.

It is a long way off, my goal, of a simple top ten finish at Nationals.
There are cold days, afterwork trainer time, grumpyness, belly laughs, sunburns, gravel, pavement, sprints, and hill repeats.
I'll  hang my head out the open car window, and hot air bashes across my face, and a joy, wild eyed dog look of happieness comes over me.  I'll let the drool spittal, leak out, and trail off in that 70mph wind.
Thats what  I'll carry into the starting grid next December.

Heave Hoe!  dlowe