The Apprentice

that was a good three days of Cyclocross for me.

My head is a big old funnel,  I pour all this shit into the wide end of it,
when I pulled the plug,
gravity, it all can't be help but to form, and fall out into a small fast stream.
I put all these suggestions,  real time life observations, what I read, studying pictures,
Into the top of the funnel.

I went over to the Cooper River,  just a big grass field when I got there,
by 3:00 staked and taped, even got a couple of laps in.
If you run a new race, love to race, spectate, whatever,...
Helping set up a course, to see how and what it takes to run a race,
that will make you a better racer.

Saturday Cooper River CRCX
I got to the Cooper River cx course early.
Racers were being staged, starting right out into the rising sun.

#99-  K. Dillard

I was keyed up nervous, did not have my usual focus.  My race, I had a good chance to win,
I love so much about cx racing, and, but, .... winning over the last, lots of years, I have not even been close to doing.

We lined up, The whistle blew, and into the zone I went,
                                        photo: Kevin Dillard

I like to think, that being a real good cross racer,
that you are entertaining, you bring sport to the show,
the back story,
That those outside the tape, looking in, might want to watch.
The race was a battle from the start to finish, between me and Paul Wahner.
It was very respectful.
Hard.  Ball squeezing hard,
and in the end, as I ducked under the tape, to get off the course,
I could not help but be disappointed.
Paul crushed me in the sprint for 1st.
He had a better plan,  and executed,

I sulked just a bit, got over it, hung out, had a beer, chatted with the Feathermen,
and had my picture taken by Mr. Dillard for a winners podium shot.
                                                photo: Kevin Dillard
That's pretty swell!

Sunday WC-CX
Bob and the gang, got a new course,
this one, yep, bob and the crew,
made one, that's got plenty of it's own personality.
I got off the line swell, set into what I thought was a group of three,
Sinclair, Wahner and I.
The 1st lap went well and hard,
the second lap, I was already at the bottom of my tank.
Then the next three,  Wahner and Sinclair,
dip some Big Time wrestling stomps to my head,
I did'nt quit,
and kept getting back up off the mat.
Sinclair flatted,
me an Paul again.
Last bit of the course,
I was at my limit, ... well,...well above my limits.
Paul took off,
silent david Schindler came around,
where'd he come from,
and I
got to the pavement,
and toiled, heaved, pumped as hard as i could, and crossed the line at
4mph's, for 3rd.

as I drive to work today,  I'll think about the weekend,
find some nuggets, tid-bits,
and try and keep them squirreled awayed,
Plan & Exucute

very good, very good weekend!

cheerio,  dlowe



Charm City:
great course, good balance of working and handling the bike. got off the line fine, sat on the lead wheel for the 1st lap, then fell back to 5th. 1st, road off, and Paul Wahner and I battled the rest of the race for 2nd & 3rd, nasty tough fight. Again, I waited till the last chance possible, and passed him into the last corner onto the pavement, hammered, and took 2nd.

not making day two, off to Chicago.  See you all at the Cooper/Chester cx weekend,

Cheerio!  dlowe


Quaker City


Quaker City made huge strides forward in course design, a vast improvement from it's inaugural race last year.   If it stays small, and keeps itself on the schedule after Town Hall,  it fits in  nice with what I'd like.   A weekend of climbing.   and a bit of "locals" racing. 

I burnt a lot of matches early, and suffered, trying to stay fourth.  I had to dig, and never got out of the hole I put myself in.   I spent most of my time over the limit.    The gap in front of me got away.  
I finished 4th.

Carlos Cabalu,  I like his photos.  I like that he shoots film.  He knows his stuff.

Three of his shots:
                   photo: Carlos Cabalu

                         photo: Carlos Cabalu

                      photo: Carlos Cabalu

My legs hurt, I'm tired, I've got a couple little bits to teach myself/change, .....a good weekend.

Cheers!  dlowe


Snake Eyes

the paper is strewn about the floor, kicked aside, from the rabid excitement to rip open our presents.
I know what I've got,  and I know what you've got.
and it's now just down to work,
Race Race Race
and I know that somehow,
I think I got it in me,
I really want to stand on that top box.

Town Hall Cross:
More awesomeness from promoters & crew.   Hard it was, all done up rightly nice.  parking, toilets, officiating, great job on crushing me, with a longer uphill, no switch backs, and the drop and pea stones, Nice!

I clipped in fine, and us old folks got off to battle, Me and Paul Wahner squared off again.
I punched him in the abs, he slapped my ear.
I bit his thumb,
and he kicked my ass.
Wahner 2nd
dlowe 3rd.

Rick was nimble and smart, He left us all in the dust,  Douglas Gray, Kevin, all of us to our infighting,
and again got the best view, from atop the biggest box.

maybe I'll make up spoke cards for the waterice ride it's "Snake Eyes"  11 next year.

                                        photo: m.c. delicious  Derek Green

Cheerio, dlowe