the Surrealist

I was dropped only 4 laps in.
and I pedaled one by myself, was about just to ride to the car, and a small group came up on me.
I joined.  Soon I was at the front just going hard, pulling.  Some of us were sharing the work.
It was not for much, we were not going to catch anything, we'd all been dropped.
I was sitting four wheels off the front, and the dude had been up there pulling for a bit.
The next two, teammates were riding like we were coming into a finish, like to win.
I rode past them to the front to take him out of the wind.
I said, as I passed the two, "you can take a pull',  "we are dropped".
I dooled out what I had, at the front hitting the corners hard, and into the wind hard.

Riding a bit just after the finish of the race, one of the two, who'd not did work, I coasted past,..."that was no fun riding with you",  I said.

I laid on the couch at home, finally I was destroyed.  My mind, legs, lungs, heart.

and off, out,  despite the ache in the legs and wheeze out of the throat.   to a small gallery,  I just wanted to lay on the couch.

Just a simple empty two rooms.  Full of beautiful photographs.   Shawn Theodore's.
"The Avenues" Uptown & Gtown.

a fantastic show, really great stuff.    @ the iMPeRFect Gallery  5601 Greene St. Philly

The new book I am reading, quite good:

So I think the thing about surrealist, is the juxtaposition, you know the real and imagined, distorted, and where you've drawn your lines.

regards, dlowe.


Flames of Sweat

Woods - "Shepherd"

The Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo II
photo: Joe Mallis

I drove up to Wilkes Barre to ride the, Soul of Pat Engleman, the Lu Lacka Wyco.   Got a cheap clean room with Craig.  Went out for some Old Forge pizza to experience some localisms, and went to bed early.

It was a nice morning out,  off we went,  for a good day of riding.    I don't have any big long climb-ie rides in me, its been a while.  I felt good, even a bit peppy, in the front group, but they got going and I drifted back off, dropped, at about mile 40, and joined a group of peers.  We rode steady, joked, suffered, coached and pushed each other, on to the end.   Its not an easy 100 miles.   To finish at a brewery, Susquehanna Brewing Co., with lots of food, beer, laughing, that, that, was a great reward.  I have to say, I went up some of those climbs, staring at the ground, just hardly making the cranks go round, in the sun, suffering,  smiling.   This ride is a winner.   Dirt road, back roads, views, descents,  yapping dogs, Wind, and some climbing.

Thanks Pat Engleman, and your amazing crew of helpers.

I'd would of liken to take a plenty of pictures on the ride,  many, many, beautiful views, of suffering, and landscape.
The ride, it don't give you much room, to do anything, but give it your all.  Just all to the bike.

my Best Regards, dlowe

photo: Peter Bakken

                                           photo: Pat Engleman

                                                photo: Peter Bakken

      photo: Pat Engleman

                                             photo: Pat Engleman      




I was just gone a night and a day, and my wife bought flowers and put out the gnomes.
and it seemed as if while riding today
that I could watch the buds open to blooms

a very pleasant way to spin out the legs for sure.

regards, dlowe


how something so mundane and normal becomes special

Britta is over there on the far side of the stage playing bass guitar.  The band is Dean Wareham.
The music under this moniker is excellent, a good mix of stellar talent, and a laid back pursuit.
Britta would make it over to my side of the stage to play the keyboards right there infront of me.  The instrument placed facing the wall.
and She'd turn, pick up the rhythm shaker with the right hand, left hand on the keys, and twist to sing into the mic. 
Her short cut crisp blouse would pull untucked from the low rise black pants.  and above the copper pant button, a bit of skin came out, and a tiny peak of her belly button.  I found that pretty sexy.
I don't think anyone else could see it,  I tried not to give off what I was looking at, be rude.
that's one thing I try to appreciate on a ride,  those little tiny plain, everyday magic moments.

The War On Drugs -  "Eyes to the Wind"