harder, faster, better CX

I always wondered to myself,  how does a band,  a musician, conjure up the spirit, energy, and true artistic output, that you want to see,  when they stand on a stage and the room,  it's not quite full, nope, it's on the pretty empty side?

This is what I want to do,  to race cross.

                                 photo: d. Smith -  Re-kitting up for Whirlybird.

and I'm suffering, as all cross racers do,  I'm digging deep.

and wrangling all out of me that I can.

I want to be faster, fitter,  a bit thinner too.

as much as I suffer, wallow,
I so much long for cross. 
Especially in March.

Dudes,  Keep your foot on the pedal,  go fast,  and ride smooth.
I'll chase, and spit and despise you for being in front of me, faster.

I'll hang on the best I can.   
but really,  Well done,  thanks for the beatings.

I race cross.
I must do my best.

an under attended but fantastic show Friday night,  with soul man Mike "the truth" Watt and the Italian bandmates "il sogno del marinaio".

il sogno del marinaio - "Zoom"

Mike Watt

Whirlybird was great, mud, and I could smell the waffles as I raced.

HPCX.  it  should just be one day.  but don't change a thing,  a brutal fun lap.

West Chester  CX,   you keep getting better, and hard and fast.

Cheers brothers and sisters!



I don't know if you know what a fanzine is,  I remember them with a keen fondness.
Hand made,  copies xeroxed scammed at Kinkos.  Picked up in various places,  the best spot to find a good fanzine, the cool record store.

blogs sorta fill in that spot for me

there are no editors, owners or advertises running blogs.
It is one thing that, does not, have anything to do with money.   They have no worth

some blogs last a couple of postings,  some a couple of years,  and some you get to count on like fatmarcs,  its so nice to see,  A New Post,  and you dive into it,

Its hard not to have a hard copy of this stuff,
blogs end up being a fortune cookie,
crack it open, read, sorta relate, or maybe it don't make any sense at all.
eat the cookie, too,  done with dinner, go for a ride,  on with life, maybe even a small thought later about what the cookie meant.

Today, is about my future,  I'm looking for a building to buy or a space to rent.
I don't know what I am doing, but I want to be a portrait photographer.  Not as a job.
As a fine artist.
I don't want to make a penny.   I have a good job I love.
What I am trying to do?   I don't know, not emulating something,  just following a whim,
A strong whim,  and I don't care where it takes me.

I liked this building, but I pedaled past and about 1 1/2 blocks up is the HQ of an motorcycle gang,
a real bad ass stab you in the head type of thugs.

I want urban, and BIG, I don't care about run down.  I love the Parkside area of Philly.

fanzines were political, musical, just fucking full of personality.

there's a old building with a big personality out there waiting for me.

see you at Whirlybird!

cheers, dlowe.


Caffeinated Cyclocross

down in the woods watching the riders, they went by, I was already done, so, in a way, I knew.

I had my legs for most of the race, by the end of the last laps, I gave in and dropped back a couple of places, finishing 7th.   Happy, but not glad.  I could of been 5th.
The course was good, long power, a bit of rain, s. jersey mud.  slippery, but not a bog,  a clean mud.
Most of the course was fast.

I found something beautiful here.  I hope its the same, for a lot of years to come.



Red tape

I rode up the left side of the course right along the red tape, in the grass, I found it a bit faster.
Passing the start finish line it turns into a small amount of pavement.  I felt really strong.
7th was just right into the grass of me, and I put my head down.
I was moving forward.  Maybe even coming back towards 5th.
but the rider did not notice me, jumping also left up onto the pavement.
The red tape spun around my front brake hood, seizing the lever, and  the wheel stopped, and I went hard to the ground.

  the Death Grips - "Fuck Me Out

I was on the ground and the bike, behind me.
Both of us, cocked.
The bike was fine, I got on and raced on.
Sitting maybe, 12th.
I really felt good, and was moving forward.
upto 10th.
Downed tape went into my cassette.  I had no choice but to ride over it.
and I seized up.
tried to run, then had to just stop and stoop over the wheel and ripped it back and forth out.
I still felt good.  Strong.
and went at it.  fighting on.
Town Hall Cyclocross.

David Lynch
curious I went to see the show at the PA academy of fine arts.
His stuff was good.

I race Saturday,  and I really hope that I go well.