I have to buy a new car,  I hate cars, I do, I hate the aggression, the isolation, the pollution.
I drive mine all the time.  and its worn out.
I drive it a lot.

                Easy day today, chilly, and the cx stead is the called to be pedaled. 

I got home and Richard Sachs's Socks had arrived. 
Socks, 4 sets, 
and more!

blogs, blogs, you've become an underground unrefined, unfiltered 
peaks and valleys of 
lots of words and pictures, 
and the ones I love, 
I nod along to, 
a lot of the others, 
I tolerate, 
but you know, there is a joy for me, in how much I can tolerate. 
the Good ones, gems, just human things, simple. 
bonus bits!

Cheers!  dlowe



This time of year the last couple of years I've been, not as fit, not as recovered, and not ready to race.

I've been not able to hold onto the group, drop off, and out of  races.

My legs felt good last Monday, Tuesday's e. Park Sprints, I had my way, and on my way Wednesday, riding out to meet Carlos and Jeff, to do a nice road spin, I saw Abe, a shiny Abe, 1 cent, on the ground, looking up.  I'm not superstitious, I try not to be, but I picked it up for luck.

I tried to stay in routines, I was nervous to race again.

My first finish in a few years, today,  at the Navy Yard Crit. 12th.  My first crit back, since crashing last year.
I was tense, I did my routines, routines are good, went through the process.  We raced in the rain, 6 corners, couple of real tight ones, couple of slide out crashes.   My mind was not totally in the zone.  I worked at it, held on.  Finished.

I put the penny in our change dish, Abe will go back out into circulation.

Cheers!  dlowe


east park morning

Pedal, coast, coast,
pedal pedal pedal
coast pedal
pedal pedal, shift pedal pedal , move up,
pedal, move up, coast, pedal pedal coast.
photo: Jules Benson,  thatd's me on the left up one, blue shoes.

Return to East Part Sprint, was good to me.   7 sprints,  finished 5-10, started always in the back, felt like a cheap skate, sucking it, till I had to produce.

Cheers!  dlowe


Ohio House

I awoke, not to late into the night.   "how am I going to get 'em all, to the end",  "I don't want to lose anyone",  "it's an Adventure"....
I stayed awake, with jiber jaber, jibbing and jabbing.

I thought about it, and it's along way off, 7/4,

It's the most Historic, beautiful, cx ride in America, I believe.  I've got to get to work and make it respectable.   Working on it, I am.  a bit DIY.   a print at home map, a cyclocross waterice fanzine in the makes?


Cheers!  dlowe