Los Saicos - Fugitivo de Alcatraz

Los Saicos, the first rough and tumble band?  Peru early 1960's.   Just doing what cha do, just how it happens. 

Its Saturday morning,  I got up at 6, did the drives TT, stopped for fresh bread and rolls, soon a shower and off to work.

Yesterday, after a nap I pedaled over to Belmont:  transcribed from wadded up note pad.

I'm Sitting at the picnic bench on the top of Belmont  Plateau.  A short ride from my house.

I'm tired, from work, and some music blaring out of rolled down car windows drives by.

A few rain drops are falling, making it through the leaf canopy above me and landing on my paper as I write.
I sit under a large, old, tree.  Sipping a beers.  I brought two to help pass the time, to enjoy. 

I look up and see the tree I've looked at many time.  I have taken its picture through out the last couple of seasons.  Thoughts,.. Patience, a word that has been stuck in my unfocused mind, ...and also that it has been a long time since I've felt alone.

I like being by myself.  It is quite surprising how easy it is to find a beautiful, quiet, place to sit, within the city limits of Philadelphia. 

The chip, the digital world, has made/given us the tools to act in an instant.  We don't have to wait or do much to find or give info (its starting to rain a bit hard)  and its really funny cause my pen is starting to run outta ink. 

oh well... another beer, I'll enjoy the cool breeze, hit up a few trails and head home.

there you go, some, haphazard instant guru-ing.  Cheers, d.


Hey buds.

I am just sitting on the porch, sipping a cheap beer, the first time this year.

the left cross, right road.

I slept a long time today, I woke, chipper.   No cross bike, bummed a bit, it was a perfect, early, misty grey day, a cross type of day to ride.  ... but Road bike it was.

I headed over to Rose Glenn, close, quiet, a spinning ascent, I just do over and over, it clears my head.

New music, new thoughts, anger, laughing out loud, plodding, calmness, schemes, plans, blankness, peace.

I trod around in my road cleats, there is just a small window of time now before all is hidden and overgrown by vines, itch weeds, dense brush.  

In general, I'm not a big fan of the transitional seasons,  I want stability, reliable, rules to play by, but nature has its own agenda.   Its amazing how much is alive, the sounds, smells,  funny at one second I feel so alone, the next overwhelmed by the intricate, complex world.   I clip in, and pedal on, joining the real world again.

cheers, my friends, d. 



mmmm...  I do like racing my road bike,  at times each one of my bikes takes a brow beating from me, but I love them all.  

Today, and yesterday, I did my best but all I could muster was just riding as a bloke.  I fell short of having any tools or hope of finding anything epic in my form or in the effort I could put out.

as things planned out today I pedaled out to the race (lower provd. crit 1,2, 3) into a head wind, steady and strong, with George, I didn't have much to say so I was ether sitting on his wheel or working in the wind.

I did my work in the race, and less than 2/3rd's in, gaps and my lack of speed/power,  I was dropped.

sitting in the group, while I race, I now like to think I am the worse racer, skill wise, on the course, "what can I do to improve?'  I ask myself.     Smoother, less degrees of accelerations and braking in and out of corners, hold your wheel with out being a bully, move sooner around slower riders/less skilled,  find a big strong smart wheel and stay on it... ect,  I can think a lot just spinning in those fast crit circles.

Watched the finish, It hurts not finishing, even coming across the line last is better than pulling out.

We headed home, most of the ride was silent, me in front, chomping on the pedals, chomping...

I need to be a minion.

I took out the trash

I pried the tops off beers.

Cheers, and hope you have the tools  to go fast.  To have an epic suffer and finish last, to feel like you have a hand on your back pushing you along, and crossing the line first.    dlowe

on a side note,  my side project,   the blog "in my ear Hole"  has been really cool and good to me, and I've got some great music leads from it,  I have room for a few more Contributors, if any of you feel inclined.  I am a bit picky, so if you have a bit of thick skin, and got IT,  apply.

this song is from a posting lead .  real cool, cold, burrrr

Kashmere Stage Band - Headwiggle

thank neodem for the music




I'm a bit fried from work, and have been off the bike, no time to ride
4:15am Saturday call

Did the Greater Valley ride tonight, did fine, just a bit on cruise control, on the front going hard a bit, or being sucked along in the pack.  Felt fit. 
beer in Gettysburg

dolly track to nowhere, we set-up and the shoot was cancelled

skate wheels, the type I use

toast is good, tired, simple.  cheers! d.



I’ve got boundless energy, it leads me into frustration. 

I attempted the cross big loop ride today.  It was important to me.  Coming off a couple of long, hard work days, this day off, is sandwiched into another block of long hard work days.  
My derailleur just ripped off, I don't know why, or what happened, just did.  I picked up the bike and headed back to zero.

the road bike?  nah... I'm tired of that pompous bitch, its ego, no.

The mountain?  what choice do I have.  I must coddle her a bit, I know she'll take me where I want to go, and I won't tell her I really want to be on my cross bike. so off we rode.  

cheers, d.