Los Saicos - Fugitivo de Alcatraz

Los Saicos, the first rough and tumble band?  Peru early 1960's.   Just doing what cha do, just how it happens. 

Its Saturday morning,  I got up at 6, did the drives TT, stopped for fresh bread and rolls, soon a shower and off to work.

Yesterday, after a nap I pedaled over to Belmont:  transcribed from wadded up note pad.

I'm Sitting at the picnic bench on the top of Belmont  Plateau.  A short ride from my house.

I'm tired, from work, and some music blaring out of rolled down car windows drives by.

A few rain drops are falling, making it through the leaf canopy above me and landing on my paper as I write.
I sit under a large, old, tree.  Sipping a beers.  I brought two to help pass the time, to enjoy. 

I look up and see the tree I've looked at many time.  I have taken its picture through out the last couple of seasons.  Thoughts,.. Patience, a word that has been stuck in my unfocused mind, ...and also that it has been a long time since I've felt alone.

I like being by myself.  It is quite surprising how easy it is to find a beautiful, quiet, place to sit, within the city limits of Philadelphia. 

The chip, the digital world, has made/given us the tools to act in an instant.  We don't have to wait or do much to find or give info (its starting to rain a bit hard)  and its really funny cause my pen is starting to run outta ink. 

oh well... another beer, I'll enjoy the cool breeze, hit up a few trails and head home.

there you go, some, haphazard instant guru-ing.  Cheers, d.

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