I, Gett It

I should be doing invoices, work, not killing beers on an empty stomach
Its been a long time since I've been crushed by work,  day, day day day,, good for dough, and its interesting how my crisped mind works, between the work and still trying to log miles, and home.   good

if you try to hurt a goose, even just fake a kick, or a spit, a swing, I'll knock ya off your bike, and maybe give you a boot to the ribs.

I don't know anything bout this music, don't know if I like it, but grabbed it, from a tweet.  The accent is good enough for now to pass the time.  Cheers, the mindless one. d.

TWILIGHT SAD   its a free album so, click, pop, sip, listen.

 twightlight sad - Suck

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