off to mt. pleasant today, I took my lunch, and a nice beer
pedaled my second favorite bike from the stable

and broke the seal on my new camera

at one time I was even a bit more off than the off I am now.

I had aspirations of takin pictures

I learned to FOCUS, set the F-STOP, dial in the SHUTTER SPEED and set the proper ASA

you'd might have a view of an exposure needle waging back-n-forth tween a bracket in your view finder,
or maybe a hand held light meter.

you learned from experience

I used prime lens, not zooms
what does a 50mm looks like
compared to a 85mm
What does it do in compressing the image?

you'd have to be a fine craftsman just to take and print a proper picture

my camera has too many buttons,
the ones I need
they will be hard to find, if I'm drunk,
or its dark,
or I'm in a hurry.

but I have 18 mega pixels of glory, and
I, in an instant, can tweet it.


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Ant said...

pics are rad! ill buy you a new rear tire.