disortion-ation pedal

I told George, on Thursday night, as we chatted before the Y Niwl/Gruff Rhys show, "I wonder what I'll remember, sitting down Sunday night?"

to be truthful, Its a challenge to type and think correctly, at this moment.

a great show, thanks preformers

There is a zone some of us seek, especially cross racers, this distacted from reality, stare, hold it togerther, plow on.

Mine, not by all choice;, music, lack of sleep, more work, tough race, brew pub, nap, walk, another brew pub, sleep, race, home, brew pub. 
a stroll in Bloomsberg

a beer or two in Berwick

a nap to the, rare light of the sun this spring, in my racers crushed 31st placed hotel room

and as I drove home tonight, after a real nice night at the pub with Mr. Hamm

I thunk
and a single thought, stronger than all the others.
came into my mind
it was the moment during work Friday, shooting at a daycare, where I was standing holding a light, and somehow a four year old had latched on to my finger.
Holding it contently.
I look down at the wee little one
holding on
he is
Happy and content.

so thats how I leave it, thanks little one.
I sometimes am a giant,
with only my needs in mind
my epic-ness,
and somehow
with your small little hand
made me feel
just holding on


a fog hanging in the valley, Bloomsburg

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