I love stink bugs

I've got this guy staring at me, he's empty, me I'm giddy. 

today... well today was an excellent day.   I didn't finish the race.  I loved the loop, the snappy decent, and the zapping climb, loop.  Hung big for a bit then when limp quick.  Pulled myself like it was a cross race, with just a couple to go.   I got what I wanted.  Hurt.

Mothers day,  its sorta a good/sad day for me.  My wife's mom's not alive, with us.  Mine is.  I miss my mother-in-law.  

Chatted with mom, made her laugh from the belly, joking about Cleveland.  Thanks Cleveland.
a nice chat,  I don't relate to all my family, but I am lucky enough to have a great relationship with my Mom.

Stink bugs, I don't grow crops, they don't do much to me, cept sometimes crash into the lamp shade a lot while I'm trying to read poetry,  that's acceptable.

otherwise,  I wish all my friends were sitting on my porch with me.   All the people I love. ah I'm just f'n on a way to drunk.    CHEERS! david.

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