Lomo the still photo's SS

George is doing the house thing, and as he's always been there with a helping hand for me, so I was glad to lift and tote some of his trash to the dump with him.

before we got going, I made him sit in the yard, and he obliged me.
and  slammed the aperture wide open and crushed my depth of field.
all the controls set on manual.
and focused from the lcd screen.

but as you see, his eyes are not crisp, I've focused just behind them.
could of happened as I moved to snap, just that small movement, of in or out

I'm plugging away at it.

One of the harder issues is this 1.6x of the focal length of the lens that I'm using. 
The 50mm lens on my camera equals a 80 on a "pro" camera.
so I've been lens shopping
wanna end up in the 35mm range,
wider, but without the distortion.
 I don't want a zoom, maybe just the Single Speeder in me.

I am liking the cheap lens, really cheap lens people are figuring out how to mount to their cameras.
Get hipper now, y'all.  Diana Adaptors.
why?  in a simple way, this hipster lens is making you think about focal length, and getting away from the automatic world, and the ZOOM.

Cheers folks!

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