Corn CX

I raced cyclocross today.
It was hot.
and at the end of the race,  I was hot.
real hot.
you should not race cross in August.
I thought I could take it easy, just shake it out.
In cross you go hard.
Even if you go easy.
I'm crazy.

(everywhere west of philly is Lancaster till altoona)
Here is,  to the up-coming season.


a happy birthday ride

Never been up to Mom Rinkers Rock in the Wissahickon.  
I rode up today on the cx bike,  hung out a bit at the tolerant statue.

shot some pinhole stuff

and easy pedaled home!

Cheers pals,  dlowe.


City limits

I've said a number of times that Philadelphia has some of the best riding, road, mountain, and Cyclocross.

Water Ice #8 Tame the Tiger.

Water Ice CX is the best urban cross ride in America.  It rolls 28 miles of Philadelphia city trails, tow path, cobbles,  full of  the urbanalitiy personalities of this city.

I think when w. Penn made the city he had it in mind to make it a city to be enjoyed,  a green healthy city, vibrant with activity.
There is so much going on with riding,  ride ambassadors in every aspect of cycling in Philadelphia.
but there is in one facet that Philadelphia lacks in,   Legit bicycle races.
There is the Parx Casino race, and Junkyard cross,  and the Philly Phlyer.
That's it.
I've talked with a number of people and no one has any interest in putting a race on inside the city limits.
The city of Philadelphia makes it hard and costly.
Its a sad fact, that over two dozen cyclocross races are being put on in our area.  All close to, but outside of  Philadelphia.
maybe the city,   the ones who's paychecks come from taxpayers money,  will change.
Move from the big one day corporate events,  that bring in a single shot of $$$ and a deluge of people,  that have no attachment, or care about the beautiful, land, trees, ....parks that Philadelphia has.
Move from the surly scowl, of "this ain't going to work",  "I don't get it",  ..."what can I get outta you".
to seek out the ambassadors, and thank them, and listen to them, and say "How can I, the City of Philadelphia, help to serve you better".
The everyday folk,  that toil with the trash, crime, broken glass,  not a large number in the statistical sense, but the blood of the city, are sorta shunned.   there is almost no way to put a legit event on in Philadelphia.
I don't need a study to tell me that, living and using, having a connection to the land you live in, makes you care, makes you happy,  makes a city strong, and brings in money.
I pedal on, and in a reclusive way,  use the park land,  still, a lot of my riding is done in Philadelphia,  I  ride as much as I can in the city.
but for now,  I  drive to a town, that wants cyclist, sees the value,  to race, to teach, and to practice.
and cheers to my thick skinned, sneaky comrades, that keep cycling alive, exciting and inclusive to all, within the limits of the great City of Philadelphia.

best regards,  dlowe.


written in Wood

somethings are written in stone
that don't matter people do what they want anyway
something written in wood, has grown there and its a truth.

Grass track moved, and I like the new tree
love the new tree I parked under,
and its better
than the last place
It finally feels like a home.

Philly grasstrack,   Cheers, dl.