The BEST of 2008

As far as racing goes, the best racing is USGP racin and the tops of their events is Louisville. The course is laid out on an old golf course, you got Super Fan, 5 sand pits, jez, I can't wait for next year.

Car. nope. its this thing. The KIA SOUL bon jovi's got two of em ordered already.

Beer, that so easy its... EBB, you'll get it. think hard. Its simple and what you would called honest. The guy builds the bar, oven, brews the beer, throws the dough and brings good fortune to Philly. THANK YOU. The Terra Fume will be missed, as I've heard he is one and done with his brews.

My favorite sculptures. Fills the my eyes and the air, fueling my imagination.

Well it might not be 2008 for all but these are the choices for me. Two movies... Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwrittenand this one snuck up on me but is just as important. Check out "Tom Dowd & the Language of Music"Best Music, well for local in the national Big sounding it would be the Modern Mothers I'm never a look backer, I just need more new music, a couple of things for ya Royal City and I don't know, just listen to it all. Thats it for now, I am POOPED. Here's to 2009, CHEERs! dlowe



It only goes to show ya that its fun and quality that makes a good product. Take the Tussle at the Trestle. Just enough space to have fun, and just enough fun to make all that frickin' time on the trainer and the SBP and the drives rides worth it all. Its fun to race, and I didn't blow chunks
but after my big breakfast at Mi Lah I was worried. This time of year I've got Udon noddle legs, but a horseradish heart. So I got my ass kicked with a smile, took Warrens Line for a win. Nipped Drew to not be DFL and Won a cap and some chain lube. The cap, let me tell ya, is really nice. I wore it to the airport to pick up my friend George and the cops let me sit in the PU lane and listen to the Eagle's game in peace. I wore it to bed and had the best dreams. Stevie Nicks had soft warm hands and rubbed the knots outta my tired racin' legs. For riding I need the Elmer Fudd version, that has the flaps that come down and cover my jug handle ears. Cheers, dlowe


3/4 backlight

A little cold snap has settled in, and I'm already restless. Got out to Belmont. It was perfect. My ride was very satisfying. Why? It was cold, so I had to dress accordingly. Check. I did. Second. The trails were empty, all my own. Thirdly. I love my bike like John Cougar loves his high school girlfriend that he took to the prom. Fourth. For no good reason, I was riding my bike. Onward. Mt. Airy. Nice nitch. We live in this big city of Philadelphia, and Mt. Airy is the snow ball that we throw at Santa. We might not have class but we've got heart and personality. Its no Manayunk, yeah, its way better. The food is better, the waiters are better and the BEER is the best.

Boulder, its gotten me through a lot. I need the help. I usually learn by breaking things, my bones, bike parts. I don't mind stepping on toes, but I kinda don't hold a grudge, and I'm fair. ..sorta.. because. so for some of you, I know its a little too much, but try to understand. Just put it on your MP3 player and let it play. Ride with it. cheers. dlowe



I got a nice 2.5 hr. road ride in today. Chilly 28 degrees. Not to bad. Just listened to music, drank from my slushy water bottle trying to finish it before it froze solid. Mostly I just pedaled and was lucky enough to be able to let my mind go blank. A tough task for me. Tomorrow I hope to get out in the elements on my single speed mountain bike. I plan to go ride the Belmont trails. I like riding in the woods in the winter. I don't mind the cold. I'll stop during the ride just to listen to the wind in the trees. The winter is a good time to ride Belmont, lots of stuff to find, lots of history under the trails. An amusement park, the trolley, a gravity railroad. and the overgrown brush of summer is dead. Once in a while you'll run into a west philly cowboy, a dead body, burned out cars, and a new trail with good flow. Road rides usually start or start at La Columbe, with Belmont I get my coffee fix from the Centennial Cafe, a cool old structure left over from the 1876 centennial fair.
If it rains. I'm loading up my MP3 player with the Happy Mondays and its to the gym.


standing on the center of the teeter totter

Never trust me, this music does not grow. It glows. Its one of my favorite albums, listen and tell me what it says to you. I don't know anything about this band. I love this album.



I just got back from a long chilly road ride, lots of wind, some nice tunes to listen to on my MP3 player, and some nice time to think. Some of my teammates are down in Reston racing, for most its their last race of the year. A few are going to nationals to race.

I enjoy racing but its such a small part of why I ride. Maybe racing is just an excuse; that after a long road ride with friends I can sit and bullshit about winning some meaningless sprint. Going to the shop to consider some newer lighter, blinging bike parts. To share beers and stand around like big headed gladiators, after a tough day of racing in the mud. Cross is different than other types of bike racing. There are no freds in cross, no sitting in, no Rock Racin' attitude. Proportionally a "C" rider suffers just as much, or more than the elite "A" racer. There is no hiding from the suffering.
I don't see my season as over, I just love to ride, and racing is just a little aspect of it. I can't stay off my bike, or bikes. I like putting the time in on the trainer, going to the gym, long walks on the beach holding hands.... oops, wrong post. Anyone want to ride? Cheers dlowe


Karma to Burn

Trying a few new things out. Old music goes down on the lower right side of the page. New look for the blog, I'm just going through some changes, hmm I think I found a bit of Travis Bickle in me, maybe I need to be more like the Reverend Jim Ignatowski. oh yeah heres some new music, not great for a sunny morning, but real good for playing after the sun is down and you've turned to the hard stuff. Still working on the mp3 player thing, this one is OK, but clunky, hard to edit, and I can't figure out how to add the album art. Cheers. dl