I went riding today, a cold wet day to ride, not easy riding weather, but that's what I got for ya weather.   If you learn to ride in bad weather, how to dress, how to shiver, when to really worry about numb fingers/toes, you'll do better when you race in those elements.   I was out for about 2.5 hrs. and as long as I was moving I was warm.    
a couple of months ago, headed home in my car, up the hill to my house, some ass was on my tail.  He jumped the lanes and pulled hard around to the top, it was an easy car to remember, blue with a picture of itself in the back window.
I rode past the car today.
so I took a couple of photos and FUNK IT 'ed.

my side bar,  what's rolling over there....
a blog I've got linking of cross minded bloggers
a blog for where I can find some eats and drinks in philly blogs
and a source of music, a roll of heads-up from some friends for music, a place to open up the ears

the others, real just blogs, a small list, all are friends except RUINS i have no idea who that is but they seem to be doing something I'd be doing, its a cool blog.

If you'd noticed I usually most of the time I have a song for ya, I like to have music playing as I read, so here it is, so ponder it all a bit and listen some.
cheers, dlowe.



spring training

if we all played by the rules what would we have?

yusef lateef - "Bishop School"

not much of the shit I like.

                                               Phila. Spring Classic Day 2
my life has always been a bit disjointed, and nonstandard,  form my early years, the formative ones, it made it quite a hardship.  I made it through it, and now looking back, would I change it?  nope.  I wouldn't change it.  

Phila. Spring Classic Day 1

I did two of the three days of the Phila. spring Classic.  Day 1. I had a heroic ride.  For early in the year/training its a good gauge on what needs work, but also what kinda legs and heart you/ve got at the moment.  
break.... the Phila. S.C. day 1 broke the young lad Julz, he'll grow stronger from it.

It was a good day, an easy weathered day.  Frisky, good pace, sprints won, breaks taken, dirt, garbage, around City hall and up Philadelphia's beautiful parkway.  Out onto west river drive....  ...where I attacked, in the most opportune time,  with a good chunk to go,  while  a good pace was being pushed and into a slight head wind.    I went, and was gone.  Its a funny feeling being in the drops, spinning the legs, feeling that pain, I love that journey.    at The wall, I had no choice, no real climbing fitness, so it took me a bit of time to get up it.  Still I was off the front and outta sight.  Not too much longer, down on forbidden drive, I was into close contact with my chasers,  so I pushed harder and managed to stay away.   The climb up to Chestnut hill, at the steps to the school, I had to hop off the bike to make it up the dirt pitch, thats where 2 caught me.  I took a brake, regouped and at the first chance, went.  towing Joseph Wentzel. along.  All I could do was try to wring Joe out.  But, alas, he dug a bit deeper than me, and took me just at the line.  

                                           Joe Wentzell-  Winner Day 1 Phila. S.C 2011

Classic day 2, starting the day in default 1st, with Joe being a no show, I kept quiet and too myself, truthfully a real bit hung over.   I stated that no attacking would be coming from me today, but as we dropped onto the drives, I could see the flags pointing out, a solid tailwind.  I went, as a marked man, 3 were on me, and we worked, me a bit less, I was overmyhead in effort.   Montana jumped on the wall, off the front solo, Harlan Price, on a single speed caught me on Henry ave, thank god, as I sucked his wheel.    I worked for Harlan, If I could help him catch Montana, and come in 3rd, I'd hold onto first place.  Never saw Montana till the finish, depite our hard work.  He went on to take day 3 and the overall title.  Congrats!

I've got a couple more spring tune ups in , doubled up at the  S. Jersey (a really good race/tuner-upper, and Philly Phlery (always debauchery) short and going hard from the gun race.

This Morgantown race thats coming up, One of the Best races I did last year, its got me frickin a bit shaken, too much respect?

ha, took off on a solo, a bit of a blow hard tonight. 

I don't know shit about jazz, cheers d. lowe.

ps.   I really like Ricahrd Sachs post, read it here if you are so inclined.


Liner notes

as I was growing up the current technology of music, of sharing music was the Long Playing vinyl record. 
                                 Ten Years After - Let the Sky Fall
out of necessity I'd sit with the jacket in my hands, listening to the record play, my eyes crawled about the album cover, the liner notes, you'd even find a message scratched into the vinyl in the blankness between the last song and label.
It was a real nice way to pass time.

now I sit at my computer, clicking, drifting about, focused on the small screen, passing time

a good ride today, went and got my toe covers from the train tunnel.
cheers, dlowe.



I've been avoiding sprints, and being in the drops. 
the buds, they have a bit of color.

so into the drops today, and some reps.

Gary Numan?

whats next?  W. VA   morgantown scares me, what do I have in my legs? 

burn, burn, cheers, d.

J. Mascis

I was not entertained.

the album, very good... listen
 ...make it right...

he sat on stage, and the music did not translate.  The guitar was brittle, harsh.   I left.

I left the show and drove around, jumped a few curbs, and made things right.
cheers, d.
work on your sound J.


black shoes and a collar

a while ago I was reading Wreckless Erics blog,  you know the bloke that wrote the song "Whole Wide World", you might of heard it in the film Stranger Than Fiction, a really interesting, good movie.  Will Ferrel strums a real nice version of it.

the wreckless eric version:

he talks about traveling in the US and how we dress:
"Or at least more style than Portland and just about any plane load of people flying across the United States. We had breakfast in the Hawaiian Dining Experience or whatever it's called, next to the Red Lion Hotel near the airport. The Red Lion is my favourite Portland hotel at the moment - it might be stodgy but it's a lot more restful than the trendy Jupiter Hotel in the heart of Portland's Hipster District.

Anyway, back there in the Hawaiian Dining Experience we were just about to tuck into our granola (with assorted yoghurts) when an old man walked past wearing skimpy baby-blue shorts pulled up over a middle-aged spread the size of a Texas ranch. He had a pale blue T shirt tucked into the shorts and the whole ensemble was topped off or perhaps bottomed out would be more apposite with white calf length socks and those horrible deck shoes that middle-aged Americans wear. It was a fleeting moment - he walked past the table and was gone and I was left with an impression of liver spots, blotchiness and cellulite. And quite possibly death and flatulance too. I exclaimed, 'Good God - that man's wearing his underclothes!' Everyone turned round and stared at me.

Why do men my age slob around dressed as teenagers? Baggy checked shorts and loose fitting XXL T shirts. There's no class, no dignity in it. It might be alright in the privacy of their own back garden but on an aeroplane??!!? It shows a lack of self respect and respect for other people. Men who dress like that are depressing to look at. Here's a good look for the airport:

Amy took the photo. Notice the contrast with the shorts wearing waddler on the right. I'm going to have to start The Campaign For Better Dressed Men. It's too depressing to see grown men dressed like eleven year olds at summer camp."
I agree, so I've stepped up a bit, in what I wear, not too much, just some nicer um-hum vegan "shoes" not sneakers, and a collared shirt, me, I go for Fred Perry's.    Its not so bad, do I always have to be wearing a bike t-shirt of some sorts and baggy shorts?

Thats it, no big deal.   cheers, d.