I went riding today, a cold wet day to ride, not easy riding weather, but that's what I got for ya weather.   If you learn to ride in bad weather, how to dress, how to shiver, when to really worry about numb fingers/toes, you'll do better when you race in those elements.   I was out for about 2.5 hrs. and as long as I was moving I was warm.    
a couple of months ago, headed home in my car, up the hill to my house, some ass was on my tail.  He jumped the lanes and pulled hard around to the top, it was an easy car to remember, blue with a picture of itself in the back window.
I rode past the car today.
so I took a couple of photos and FUNK IT 'ed.

my side bar,  what's rolling over there....
a blog I've got linking of cross minded bloggers
a blog for where I can find some eats and drinks in philly blogs
and a source of music, a roll of heads-up from some friends for music, a place to open up the ears

the others, real just blogs, a small list, all are friends except RUINS i have no idea who that is but they seem to be doing something I'd be doing, its a cool blog.

If you'd noticed I usually most of the time I have a song for ya, I like to have music playing as I read, so here it is, so ponder it all a bit and listen some.
cheers, dlowe.


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