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if we all played by the rules what would we have?

yusef lateef - "Bishop School"

not much of the shit I like.

                                               Phila. Spring Classic Day 2
my life has always been a bit disjointed, and nonstandard,  form my early years, the formative ones, it made it quite a hardship.  I made it through it, and now looking back, would I change it?  nope.  I wouldn't change it.  

Phila. Spring Classic Day 1

I did two of the three days of the Phila. spring Classic.  Day 1. I had a heroic ride.  For early in the year/training its a good gauge on what needs work, but also what kinda legs and heart you/ve got at the moment.  
break.... the Phila. S.C. day 1 broke the young lad Julz, he'll grow stronger from it.

It was a good day, an easy weathered day.  Frisky, good pace, sprints won, breaks taken, dirt, garbage, around City hall and up Philadelphia's beautiful parkway.  Out onto west river drive....  ...where I attacked, in the most opportune time,  with a good chunk to go,  while  a good pace was being pushed and into a slight head wind.    I went, and was gone.  Its a funny feeling being in the drops, spinning the legs, feeling that pain, I love that journey.    at The wall, I had no choice, no real climbing fitness, so it took me a bit of time to get up it.  Still I was off the front and outta sight.  Not too much longer, down on forbidden drive, I was into close contact with my chasers,  so I pushed harder and managed to stay away.   The climb up to Chestnut hill, at the steps to the school, I had to hop off the bike to make it up the dirt pitch, thats where 2 caught me.  I took a brake, regouped and at the first chance, went.  towing Joseph Wentzel. along.  All I could do was try to wring Joe out.  But, alas, he dug a bit deeper than me, and took me just at the line.  

                                           Joe Wentzell-  Winner Day 1 Phila. S.C 2011

Classic day 2, starting the day in default 1st, with Joe being a no show, I kept quiet and too myself, truthfully a real bit hung over.   I stated that no attacking would be coming from me today, but as we dropped onto the drives, I could see the flags pointing out, a solid tailwind.  I went, as a marked man, 3 were on me, and we worked, me a bit less, I was overmyhead in effort.   Montana jumped on the wall, off the front solo, Harlan Price, on a single speed caught me on Henry ave, thank god, as I sucked his wheel.    I worked for Harlan, If I could help him catch Montana, and come in 3rd, I'd hold onto first place.  Never saw Montana till the finish, depite our hard work.  He went on to take day 3 and the overall title.  Congrats!

I've got a couple more spring tune ups in , doubled up at the  S. Jersey (a really good race/tuner-upper, and Philly Phlery (always debauchery) short and going hard from the gun race.

This Morgantown race thats coming up, One of the Best races I did last year, its got me frickin a bit shaken, too much respect?

ha, took off on a solo, a bit of a blow hard tonight. 

I don't know shit about jazz, cheers d. lowe.

ps.   I really like Ricahrd Sachs post, read it here if you are so inclined.

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