training interval

 I'll hop fences and ride RR tracks, follow power lines, and ride through empty buildings.   After the big storms we had,  it keeps you fresh,  branches down,  ruts, and fresh rocks.   I got to the end of the day, and I just wanted to keep riding, a bit further.  I'd look over at the sun and see how far above the horizon it was, and calculate how hard, and fast I'd have to ride to catch the last light. 

I'd snap photos, I got a wee bit lost,

Inside the fence, just land,  quiet.

I noticed  a slow flat when I got on my bike after I squeezed through the two fence post, my gap to use the industrial bridge short cut home.
No pit bike, and it was a slow leaker, I kept a steady strong pace up the hill, sitting, so the front tire did'nt squirel too much.  I road the last bit of streets to my house on the rim.  Just another training interval.
a good day.




Nice chill days in CO. Out riding with Chad, who's got the flying legs and just smiling as I suffered up the 8 mile climb.

Me slow, still in total recovery mode, full of beer and vigor.

 I've  returned to my home, my philly local.  Out on the cross bike; An addendum to the X-big loop, thanks to Jeff Appeltans.  Just up along the short bluff overlooking Kelly Drive. 

cold days are cross days, a bit slower riding to stay warmer.

I left chad with some of my newish nutritional recomendations: Nutritional Yeast.  Its good for ya, helps the hang-over, at least thats what Mr. Mel Gibson taught me, when I was working with him on Signs, he never seem to have a hang-over.

Its a bit creepy, and takes a bit to get use to.    but take my advice, two heaping teaspoons into a pint glass of OJ and you'll be a-ok.  cheers, dlowe.


Tab on da Tongue

Cheers to Dr. Weed ...  and my fur friends.  I don't smoke, but got a big KICK outta the legalized pot spots in Boulder.  Thats big Taylor, umpah in my book.  He slept with me every night during my visit with Chad and Anna.   Sometimes when I'd crack my eye he'd be inches away just looking at me.  and the Comander Otto:

I got some legit props from "Howdy" a super T-shirt sporting da stylish logo.

What a long weekend to keep in the pocket.  To pull out for that bit or re-kindling, to give you strength,  in that time when your seeing some bees to Mexico. 
in dlowe words that means very good.

after all them boulder beers,  (who'd everythink that the USA would be full of great beers to drink?) I fogglly type and sip on my local Yards Poor Richard' Tavern Spruce, and know that I'm lucky to be able to do what I love. 

see ya at the rock hill WaWa sunday. 



ha!   just climbing away, little bit of cussin', and some suffern', but having a great time out in Boulder visiting Chad, Anna, taylor and otter.       Bikes everywhere.  Beer and more beer.  Good beer everywhere.   Cheers.


Off the Front

I wrung the light out of the sky, the weather was so nice, I rode up my drive into a darking day.

I fail alot. 1000's of times
its my style.

yep about two minutes up the road in this one

took the hole-shot

and made it just a bit further before I was passed.

trying again.

So I realize I'm not going to change, so I better get a bit faster and fitter.

cheers to all failures out there. d.


grinding stone

Nothing is better than when someone is right and you've been a disagreeing with them and you finally figure out that they are really right.  

Self editing is tough, I want it to be good, it sounds and looks good, but you know its just sorta "joe".
Not so good.

I'm in an excellent mood.  Got my nose back down to the grind stone and applied it hard.  No lip.  Just some back to the basic hard work.  Life does not have to be heroic to be big and full.  Really, average and real is enough.

just a coulpe of snaps,  I always try to get to work early,  a chance to look around at the world.
cheers, d.



off today, no work,  went riding,  ya know building that saddle time.  4.5hrs just listening to music, feeling that glint.  Just a hint of fiesty,  its important to keep that assholeness nurtured and alive, you'll need it sometime this racing season. 

My computer got a worm of a nasty trojan full of evil bits, and they would not leave.
George in the end dipped my laptop into the fountain of deletions and rebuilt it to a new a better self.
thank you George.

I like to think, more than I like to speak.  Cause some of the time when I speak that glint can sneak out,  ya I know it gets us all, I just don't like it when it's me.

I had plans of learning spanish while I pedaled on the trainer.  I've only had two trainer days this winter.  so no hola,   cheers, d.


distilled spirit

I'm enjoying my cold riding mixed drink, ya know the shot in the gatorade to keep it unfrozen, and also it gives a bit of zing to the rehydration.  I go for slivovitz (plum brandy) and lemon-lime,  so good... that killin' the bottle at the end of the ride gave me a bit of an ice cream headache.

lots'o time out on the mt bike Sat. and Sun.
freakin awesome to see so many out ridin.  who'd thunk it? ... with it being this cold.
night all, cheers, d.


Cold Feet

If you notcied on the side bar there is a new link "stomach and tongue" it's just a blog roll/link list I've created for myself.  It contains food blogs/reviews, a list of good restuarants and some other Philadelphia tasty resources.  Ones that have good beer, good prices, high quality food and a good selection of vegitarian items.   cheers.

Cold Feet.

I'v been reading 1491 by Charles C. Mann.  Its about life in the America's before Columbus "discovering" America.  One thing I've felt attached to is the importance of character:  the Wampanog's expected men and women to be brave, hardy, honest, and uncomplaining.     A family game was of tossing naked children into the snow.    so I put my coffee down and took a stroll in our fresh snow, not to bad.  give it a try.

got a great 3 hr ride in with friends I've been meaning to catch-up with on riding.  Tony and Kevin took me to the D n' R trails in Jersey.  We did a nice 3 hr ride of twisty, twisty trails.  

that's Tony looking happy to see the parking lot and be done.

Tonight, out to see the Strapping Fieldhands, some beers, hand shakes and more catching up with past peeps.   Cheers, dlowe.


Apres cyclocross

I got home late last night, late for me, 12ish.  I don't close bars any more.  I wrote a post, put it up and went to bed.  I woke early, just thinking about my post, it was gray, I swung my feet out from their sleeping place under the covers and headed down in the early dawn and deleted it. 

Now I work at re-writing it. 

Yesterday fridged cold, no big deal, I've dealt with it before.  and a good simple single speed ride with Lebair and Harris doing the Belmont thing.  

It was a Nice time sipping some coffee and a big bowl of grits at the Centennial Cafe with the boys.  Hard to not to keep Clif Clavin' it.  Talking about the millions of peeps that stood on the overgrown trails we rode.  

on my way home, I looked at my bike...

it questioned me. and I questioned myself

cheers, dlowe.