Hey buds.

I am just sitting on the porch, sipping a cheap beer, the first time this year.

the left cross, right road.

I slept a long time today, I woke, chipper.   No cross bike, bummed a bit, it was a perfect, early, misty grey day, a cross type of day to ride.  ... but Road bike it was.

I headed over to Rose Glenn, close, quiet, a spinning ascent, I just do over and over, it clears my head.

New music, new thoughts, anger, laughing out loud, plodding, calmness, schemes, plans, blankness, peace.

I trod around in my road cleats, there is just a small window of time now before all is hidden and overgrown by vines, itch weeds, dense brush.  

In general, I'm not a big fan of the transitional seasons,  I want stability, reliable, rules to play by, but nature has its own agenda.   Its amazing how much is alive, the sounds, smells,  funny at one second I feel so alone, the next overwhelmed by the intricate, complex world.   I clip in, and pedal on, joining the real world again.

cheers, my friends, d. 


-JK said...

Where's that turn off in the first picture?

d.lowe said...

coming down from Rolling Hills park, does not go anywhere the real turn is to the right tween the guard rail, part of the big loop.