The "chaser" and more on tubeless tires

OK, I ride/race with JK from Revolution Wheel Works, and he roast coffee for me, that's my slant. He knows that I've been riding... trying the tubeless cross setup for a year or so. I had them set up on some Bontrager Race X lite rims. Love training on 'em, but been burpin' when I've tried to race them. JK gave me a set of his rim to try the Hutchinson Piranha tires on. I've got the tricks down, so I took it for a spin. The Rev-30 clincher rim is narrower than the bontragers, so the tire stood taller, meaning that tread flexed more, the shape of the tire distorted and bent to ground. Which is a good thing. I tried to burp them with my thumb to the bead, no burping. Which is a good thing. I took it for a ride. Tubeless ride great, no bounce buoyancy characteristic of a tubed clincher, plus no chance of pinch flatting. Did the Big Loop, which includes a nice amount of rocks, and of course since this is a test, I took the rough lines. Nice set-up, despite the lack of tread I had no gripping problems. No worries that I would have if I went for a fun ride on tubulars, like the cost of a tubular tire, or flatting it. Very good first impressions.

Did one of those group training rides Saturday morning, got a flat and got dropped by the group. Chad and Rick K. from our team stuck with me and we proceeded to bee line it. ah the group was up the road a bit, we came close to getting on, but just needed a bit more. So I got some suffering in, the type of snot hanging out of your nose and you can't/won't wipe it cause, your going to hard, suffering. Its a funny place where your brain lives when your in that state.

I've been listening to Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden". I can't find it, but there is a great story about the band recording this album somewhere (ok its in Tape Op spring '99). I think it drove the eng. batty. Took a year or so to complete, recording at night, dark, strange. Its on my list, I'll find the recording session info for you. Here's a song for you. Perfect for you today, especially if you try to get out to do your snow ride, cause I think the snows just too deep. Take some Talk Talk and enjoy the great outdoors.

cheers, dlowe

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