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Every once in a while I hit publish, sit for a bit, and change my mind. and I revert to Save. I'm glad that in its clunky way, the blog, that it gets posted, but then hangs empty,  I'm glad that I can edit this thing.    maybe come back and figure out what I was trying to say and say it better, or just leave it, in the edit mode, not every to be posted.

the other night I went out to see The Babies.   that's it.  a real good show.

The Babies - Moonlight Mile

... at the Kungfu Neckte, a small place, in an urban bar, once a neighborhood hold out, now its life, is the re-energized beer/music thing.  Great small place, good sound, a stage that's 10" off the floor, and much like cross, you can step up close, as you dare and take it in.   The last night of their current touring.  They played with a sleepwalking joy, of knowing that soon they'd feel the strange peace of sleeping in a bed, or on a couch, some place that'll they'd considered home.  They played relaxed, full.

There is this guy, I've seen at shows, he's at a few of the small shows I've seen over the last couple of years. 

I like seeing him at shows, his style.     No drinking, led light, reading his book.

I'm working on refining my photo work.   Its nice to go back through stuff, and see how crappy it can be,  how at one time I thought "not bad".   

Cheers, dlowe.

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