I'm not born in Phildelphia, I'm born from Philadelphia.
Its my home.
Its the one place that I've lived in the longest now.
since my first visit, its in my blood.
Cold Speck - Old Stepstone
I can across this photographer, from, born in philadelphia area, Bucks Co.
John Frank Keith.
all I know about him is the info about him from Library Company of Philadelphia.
Its where I've pulled these,  some of my favorite photos of his, from.

 I study the faces, and the style.  Longer exposures, a bit of blur, maybe 1/5 of a seconds.  These were held, that the subjects listened, held their position, the photo was taken.  not snapshots. 

somewhere out of the blue Simon Firth, said, "Keep Philadelphia Normal!"   I don't think us who are from Philadelphia can help it.   I encourage every soul that sleeps in this city to do the same.  That our flaws, beauty, zest, thats us.  We are.

There is so much here, too much for a life time.
and I'm warming up for Louisville, I bought some Bourbon beers, and they are sitting on the desk,
and I'm drinking.

 ...John Frank Keith died on December 28, 1947, apparently of pneumonia after being in the hospital for over a week. He was a heavy set man, and his niece did not think he was well "from the beginning." He contracted meningitis as a teenager and as an adult "moved slowly, almost with a seaman's gait rocking from side to facilitate forward movement." A weary-looking Keith was captured around 1940 sitting on the front steps leading to a porch. In a pose similar to ones his subjects held countless times, he has taken off his hat, rolled up his sleeves, and pushed his hair to the side. He looks directly at the camera, with a slightly uncomfortable gaze. His niece said "he did not take many pictures of himself,"...
from the Library Co.
another place to visit, that Library Co.
To Frank (john)!

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