Crit Racer

the spirits help me, I hope that I'm never normal, but I do wantta get my feet back on the ground.  and this Bombastic writing,  ...droppin it.   

its nice to have another season done, I'm not going to take much time off the bike,  all ready I'm out just pedaling about.      Went out to the ATV trails in Bridgeport, got the ssxc mud caked, cleaned a bit with a stick and road home.  

I really enjoyed the week in Louisville, I thought I'd be takin a lot of photos, but was just soaking it all into much to want to be taking pictures.    but what I have, I want to put up, move on.

I got a couple of shot back stage, after the awards presentation.   Everybody was walking away, and I just went between the fences and... 

got a snap of Sven, patted him on the back, Nice job.  off he went.

Walked back down to the expo...  
talked to Gabby a bit, I think she needed a hug, trying to be a good sport, I ask her about the crash, and all she said was "that was me,... I crashed". 


I took her picture, she insisted that I get one with her.  I hope to see her at Nittany.  I hope more euros make it over for early CX racing in the states this year.

Mr. Powers putting on the best face he could, a small swarm of cx press and some fans.  I'm not sure how this race really sits in his gut.  I think he put a lot into this year.  Will he have the same drive next year, will he be able to step it up even another notch?

OK, done, ... just need to compile videos, of the race and burn/save them to watch next fall.  

My first crit, thinking the first week of March.    
Cheers, dlowe.

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