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Cross of the Corn

coming back from injury has gone pretty well for me,  on the bike earlier than I thought, and two weeks ahead of schedule as far as racing goes.  My target was Nittany, but feeling pretty chipper after a Reuther cx practice,  I also,  registered to race, The Cross of the Corn.

I tried to treat this race as a "pre-season" post injury tune-up.  I failed at that,  sulking most of the way home.   I could go, but I could not Getty-Up.   My heart unhappy with my legs my brain selfishly wanting a better finish.  13th.

post sprints coffee and croissant

I got out early to do the East Park Sprints, this morning, for some redemption.    
with good results,  nice cluster of sprints, consistent, and fast.

how it translate into my cross racing stylinzings,  who knows,...

CX, last year, I loved the place, loved my mind set, of doing my best, strong, what I was capable of doing.
and At the end of the day,  I judged myself, on just that;  that I left it all out there, smartly.

As much as I practice starts, run-ups and barriers,  I want to focus my mind, and find that place, where I left off last year. 

My take on Cross of the Corn,  it makes me unhappy, but I do it,.... I don't know if its my heart or mind, or what that makes me do it,  maybe its knowing that my foes are out  there, my friends, suffering, suffering without me, and I wanna be there with them

Cheers to the long season,  and Fuck You Corn CX!


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