The pope of Cyclocross

I am a bit opinionated, and mouthy.
The honor, suffering, toil,  the soul searching, for that little bit of strength to crush my opponent. To stay with my group and have a chance,
to out wit 'em.

I expect it, from everyone and everything else involved, associated with CX.
To put me to task, not make it easy.  To make it, more,.....  better,....   CX.

                            Riding hard,  today I won a few battles,  yesterday I lost a few.
                        photo: Joey Bruce                    

maybe I learn something every race, every ride, I make mistakes, and some of them, no matter how much I try, are the same ones, again, and again.

Give me faults, test my faith, savor the pure and excellently run,
You put on a race, nowadays, you've got history to deal with, blood.
So do it your best.

 Dennis and M. Featherman, evaluating the wacky prologue of the strangely named and rough around the edges Quaker City Cross.
Cheers fellow racers,  respect CX!  dlowe.

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