what I do, for work, my career and technology,
Is based on Mastery.
Technology, has given an ever affordable option to create.

I fell into my job, but fell into something I love,  what I do is a combination of grunt work, efficiency, art, and personality.
I am a minion of   "lighting"  a grip in plain terms.

I like the idea that capturing an image can steal your soul,   I believe it does,
and it steals the soul of all the people that it takes to create it.

It is an art,  the lens choice,  the lighting, the interaction with the subject,  where you park, and when and what is for lunch.  "afternoon coffee"

Day #2 Nittany,  31st.   I told my wife,  that I rode harder stronger faster.   In a way,  I told her I did better,  that if I rode the way I did on Day#1 that I would have been in the 40's.
I picked up at least ten spots by finishing 31st!

This illustrated guide shows just what little things do, in changing a simple lighting set up,
to the mood, look,  the message created,

direct link:  Digital Camera World

Ride hard, a good effort, the best I can master.


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