rest stop

I got a new music player, and I loaded it up with some good stuff.
Got out on the cx bike, just to do the loop,  access roads, boxer trail, sneaky cuts, bomb down nature boy.    and did and more.

coming around east park someone had some kindness and caring for me.  They left me a couch.
I took advantage.   Sat for a bit, checked my phone, a sip of water.
I searched the cushions and came up with 14 cents, a remote control and a folding knife.
cool.   I stuffed it all back into the couch, and road on my way.

I felt good, smart ass-ish, and rammed up the pedaling and bombed down Nature Boy.
The tow path was empty, I attacked, screaming,  "yahooo",  and pedaling hard, it felt good to tear it up.

Cheers, thanks for the nice couch, it makes a great addition to the loop. dlowe

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