I was out to dinner with some friends and the question came up, when will you retire?

I hope, that with a lot of good luck, that I never have to retire, that I can keep doing,
the riding, the work, everything I do, now.

This year, I got it into my head to ride a perfect GV30.
Sit on the right wheels, avoid the wrong ones, go hard at the right times.
I don't get down at coming up short.
Not at all, I just know that its out there, the Perfect Score.

Death Grips.
taking pictures at a show, for me, to do it right is to shoot like its a boxing match.
There maybe is only a glimpse of a chance to catch the moment.
I worked today, a good spring day at cleaning out the shed.  I didn't ride a lick.
Got it nice.  
I have avoided riding, hard.  I mean that I love cross, and I can't wait for cross, but I've found that I've got only so many bullets.  
One of my favorite rides, I don't do to often, out flat to Phoenixville in the spring, just to get a  pretzel, a coke, and had back in.

Its good.  I don't want ever to retire.  That would be like going to jail.

regards, dl.

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