Pedal On!

                                    some of the dudes that were on the team when I joined sorta at a point branched off and formed into another team,  good guys,  and it was so nice to get out and join their charity ride, to pedal and talk, and to ride with everyone, as a bigger team, for the World Bike Relief Fundraiser, contribute here, cause its and outstanding cause: 

Today, I thought, mtbike race, duf,  I'd be murdered,  Crit,  not up for it.  I had a hankering to hit up trails I have not ridden all winter.  I had nowhere to be, I left early and made a good portion of my day, riding my cyclocross bike.   Outstanding conditions, low weed growth, cool temps, tacky flow.   Had a nice blast, a la solo, just dlowe.

hope you all had nice times on yer bikes, Cheers!  dlowe.

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