The Good Wheel

some people are good wheels,
In a crit its one you want to sit on,  they just ride strong, smooth, safe, smart, solid.
there are good wheels in life,
I've got some good wheels, that I'm lucky enough to work with.
Talented, hard working, they do good stuff.
and in our cycling community, you know, there are, lucky enough,
a bunch of good wheels
A good thing about being on a cycling team is email, emails to ride,
emails that jab, swat and hit below the belt in jest.
the ones that tell the race reports,  and the ones calling: "show up dudes 100%, its our time to host a race, and our race is gonna be well hosted!"

....I got a what's up for riding this weekend email,
and ended up on a mountain bike ride,
I did a bit with the group,
then rode with a mate, a bit,
then just ended on my own

got 40 miles in, in the end, nothing hard paced, not training, just riding.  I am an addict of the bike.

The best part was chatting it up with Derek,
waiting at the meet up point, for the start of the ride.

He is a good wheel.

      following Derek's wheel photo: Matt Spohn

whatever your talent, smile, treat people right, be the best at what you do,
and, be a good wheel.

cheers, dlowe.

                             I just wanted to ride on

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