The Shed

I finished up my book on John Kane.  I discovered him on my last visit to Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Museum of Art, I liked his paintings looked him up, order an out of print book.    Its a fantastic read/story.

He worked a lot as a house painter, among many tough, dirty jobs, that he loved.  It got me thinking, along with other come along ideas; seeing a photo of Dylan Thomas's writing shed, and Kelly Cline's, comments on a ride, about the sheds about his town.   and The shed was just in need of paint.

I finished painting the shed today,  dark green, barn red, and a vain accent of white, up on the cupola.

John Kane carried some supplies with him, and in his journeys, if he came across a beautiful picture, he'd try to capture it.  I don't ride a lot of different places, where I do ride, over the years it soaks in,  that a spot or two, the time of day, that there are some real nice views.
      The end of Stony Lane.   Got out early, and it was quite, a bit chilly,  real nice.

I sat out back looking at the shed, thinking about the colors,  figuring it out.  The green was easy, that is what it was, and it blends in with the plants.   The red,  I thought back to some comments on the Golden Gate Bridge, and how its color, was a primer, and it complimented its place in nature.  That is what lead me to the barn red.
The white accent, a bit cocky, vain, and sticks out a bit, but hey, I like it.

cross is still a long way off, soon I'll be pulling out all the stuff and going through it.  New tires, cables, cogs, bearings,  ....   I can't wait!

Cheers, dlowe.

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