photo lifted from facebook: Burt Hoovis

the 45+ Masters getting on, riding Roberto Clemente bridge,  then back out on Warhol.
Every year I can, I'm going to do this race, the Steel City Crit.  It's on the short list of crits to do.
Steel City, Riverton, The Jersey Fish, Liberty, Bethlehem,  .... boy do I miss Philly's Lemon Hill.

Me and  Mom DLowe, Janet DiLauro.  I can't tell you how swell it was to give her a hug and peck on the cheek, leaning over the barriers, at the start line.

the race?  I got 13th, broke my bike and flatted but made it across the line.  I had in my mind to go for the win, one bloke got up the road, and I had a good wheel set-up to take the field sprint, for maybe 2nd!     but it...
I rolled in on the back end of the little group.
I sat on the sidewalk in the shade at the feet of my Mom and Step-Father Michael, I tried to bear it, and hid it as best I could, my disappointment.  but... its been a while since I committed to think "Win".  and I've got to learn to go for it, and accept it, ether way, and yeah, I gotta think win.

I like Pittsburgh,  I like racing new blokes, and the grudge, of being the outta towner,  maybe we can get a couple of CX weekends set aside in the fall,  you know a weekend in phila.  where the Pitt peeps make it across state to race our turf,  and a weekend where we try to kick their ass on their home ground.

Hug your mamma's....   xxoo dlowe

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