Ready Made

I rode with George Monday morning,  its been a while since we have ridden together.
I like riding with George,  he's one of my mentors, and a great personality on the bike.
My fitness is better than George's,  he is quite fit, but not racing, and has not been hitting the hills much.

                           ode to Duchamp,  

We went up Barren Hill,  a nice climb, and I rode in front.
I tuned him out, and rode the best I could, steady, not flashy, but strong, taking what I could get from the hill.
I got to the top and watched the time,  I had about 45 seconds on George, by the time he rolled by, and we headed for the fun Manor downhill.

"you are riding strong, you crushed me"
"I didn't crush you,  I just rode my best"
and  "you did, as well".

 Portrait of Gustave Candel’s Mother 

 One of my favorite Duchamp's,  I do like his ready mades a lot, "an ordinary object elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist." from André Breton and Paul Éluard

George and I sat at La Colombe chatting, and, of all things, and Meach strolled by on his bike,  "YO!  MEACH"   and he sat with us,  Then came Anthony, by chance, came rolling in,  soon we were all talking, and enjoying Ice coffee,  a real nice morning.   


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