The Robot

 the drizzle today was not good for working on painting the shed, but it was fabulous chill weather for some Cyclocross riding.  There is one trail around here like no other, the North West Passage,  few people I know have ridden it.  Its not a nice trail being often overgrown, stinging nettles, flooded out and skewed with spider webs.  Drainage ditches, auto parts, and highway noise. 

I took a break here, about the half way point.  Nice of someone to carry in some chairs.
  Answered a few emails,  posted a picture on Facebook:

                                                 me and the robot

the trail was so overgrown and dense with quick growth, that I'd have to just lower my head and push through on foot. Covered at time in so many webs I felt like a Christmas tree covered in tinsel.  Not much I could do about it, just plod on.

in the end almost 50 miles, Belmont, Wiss, Gladwyne, more Wiss, and home, to a big lunch, almost 5hrs out, alone, just me the bike and the visit with the robot.

roll on,

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