Big stacked.

lots of stops at new places.  got out early on the cx bike and lazyed around the area.  Headed downtown, to check out Port Richmond books,  came out with a pile of good finds!  A bunch of old photo books, including a couple by William Mortensen.
this is probably where I had my first beer in Philadelphia, its been closed for a while, and really falling apart. 
   I've avoided the soft trails, but have been attacking the snow/mud of the tow path and forbidden dr.
         As much as it is a hard go, its great training,  not too many,  days I get to hammer away
                on riding in soft snow, ice, and soft dirt.   Zaps the legs good.
                                               photo:  Edward Weston,   went up to Allentown
                 to see a good show,  looking at real photographs, real prints, and then at digital stuff,
                                                               His stuff is art, by far.

                                  some shots from around
                                  I road into the back warehouse, I could see from the street that the upstairs of the old building, mostly walls of windows was vacant.  I tried to change the mind of a grumpy man, with messed up hair, interrupting the unloading of a 40' trailer full of boxes, that I'd be a good man to rent the space.   He did not say no.  He said no, but maybe come back in a few months.  Hope.  It has my heart a flutter,  my space, the space where the computer was developed.
we got a crack in the wall in the bedroom, got a long list, spring awaits.
Cheers, dlowe.

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