there is honor in this world,
that is why I love Art, Music, bikes, so much
Looking for our place,
feeble little us,  fragile, short lived,
how important, how much do you want your offspring to not lie
to have honor?
It'd burden them, might take them early, buried young.

Ekimov, he looks down over me,
hanging framed, up there.
the Magnificent,...cheat.

I'm not one of those "shut up legs" guys,
he's afouled, too.
despite, riding like a Samsonite ape carrying luggage, the bike all sloppy.
its hard for me, to understand the men that doped.
I love them.
really deeply love them.

                   Rockwell Kent's Maine island, the sound that must of come in the open windows of that house,   That's Horace Pippin, underneath, another magnificent man, ... flawed, truth, art, never know, always have my doubts, but always, I know that I can suffer, and go the hard way, so maybe....

What place in the world does art hold for me.
Today, I road, Belmont, covered in ice and snow, a bit chilly.
Rolled it.
Some virgin snow, and that my tracks tomorrow would be frozen ruts.
It was just a short ride, one that I will forget soon.  One of the better ones, for sure!

     headed back out of "walts bald head" following my own tire tracks

I don't want to know my heroes.  I'm afraid of what I'll learn.

Justin Townes Earl - "Farther From Me"

I got a ticket to see Justin,  Tuesday night, up front real close to the stage.

                                                                  a short bit of good,

art, photography, music, philosophy, biking, that should about take of it this afternoon.

Have a swell weekend!
Cheers, dlowe.

I do love his song White Gardenias, the most.

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