been working out mostly at the gym. the drive home, from a real nice family visit, the sky, it was so cold, it was a different color of blue.  The wind was strong and cold blown down from the artic, and the dirt, dust the land it carried with it, made the sky look different it was a different blue.

With out cross its a bit harder to write,  with out that parallel to make with life.  Its not a music blog, or photo blog, yeah its a dlowe blog, but really its about cross.
this year is my last year in my age group. 
I want to do better than last year,
I will.

Cheers, dlowe


Brigantine nj
Pittsburgh, pa.  Janet DiLauro, Michael DiLauro
pinhole- Brigatine, nj
Vanderzee, Phila. Musuem of Art
Phila. museum of art
Zoe Strauss Haverford College
unknown, phila museum of art
Mr. Duane Michaels, CMOA pittsburg, pa
Rockwell Kent, by Duane Micahels.  CMOA
Little room
Little room
insert, self little room reflection
Zoe Strauss, Pittsburgh, CMOA

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