I ran into Anne Rock, a brief chat, as we passed with happy salutations.  we came across each other, out riding, in Belmont.  On snow mountain bike rides. It was pretty cold, usually to cold for me to be out riding.  Like 23 degrees.

                                           Ms. Anne Rock, they did have smiles when I saw 'em.
and I saw a bunch of other pictures,  really pretty much it seems like people just get out and ride, despite the cold, or snow.  They just make it normal, fun, with a smile, all bundled and smartly dressed.  Keeping the toes, nose and soul warm!

                                                                  "beautiful decay"
                                               Stephan Kincaid's steed, getting the miles.

                                            Thee Lone Wolfs-
                                     the Wolf's they seem to live it
                                                             and do love it, a lot.

                                     Jules Benson, "Boxer trail and Belmont snowy but navigable. Still plenty of chunks of ice lurking"

                                            All Weather Andy's always out,
                                  di Michele's steed

It lifts my soul, makes my tolerance, the dressing, dread, of the cold, it lowers my freezing point.
Normal, in a way, to get out, ride, shiver, numb at times, ...  warmed by all the really great, bike riding spirits in this area,  big fat Hot burning spirits,  the mortal cyclist of the Delaware Valley!

Cheers, see you on the trails, roads, with, maybe a flask, but, maybe all I need is a simple hello, and a smile.


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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to see you in the wilds of Philadelphia. We were smiling 98% of the ride. Don't know what happened there. Hmmmm.....