Man of Leisure

philly flyer racers coming up Black Rock for the bell.

I headed back from my easy ride to see a bit of the Philly Flyer.   I usually do this race.  This weekend I went home, with my wife, to visit my Father in-law in Cleveland.  His 80th birthday.  We got to the house before he got home from bingo, Thursday night.  When he came in. Around 10pm. I gave him a hug.  I thought, " that hug I gave, It must of felt like a Irish rain heavy soaked wool sweater"  before I married his daughter, I did crash his car.  I had borrowed.  and he was fine, and took care of it, without a word.

I hung on him like smoke smelling hotel room curtains
My arms around his shoulders and neck like a life preserver, USSDavid.

more racers

I love racing, The flyer is always one I do.   Its early, the 1st one of the year.  Close to my home.
Not this year, in fact I've been a man of leisure, not working to hard, just keeping an edge.  I'm fit but I'd say not fast.    I like being a man of leisure.
I'm relaxed.   Fresh.
Looking good and feeling good.
Maybe this year I'll ride with a wink, a grin, and steal a sprint.  I'd love to get a win.

Cheers, dlowe.

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