way long ago when I was kid, we made do, you know, If 5 guys showed up, three had gloves, somehow we made a baseball game outta it.  Pitchers hand, 3 hits, all the shit you needed to do, and the games, they were great.  Same with football, made due. 

To me a good cross course is the one that makes due the best.  Sure having some great landscape, drops, flyover, sand,  that makes a great course.   but you gotta make due. 

I'm at my Mom's in Beaver PA, drove over today, made it early enough to suss out the course, South Park Wave Pool.  

I offered to help, they had it going on, not much for me to do.   I pedal about a bit in my street clothes.   upphhh,   fence post, tightie tight single track w/roots, edge of sidewalk cement.  etc. 

BB gun fight, dirt clod war, we are gonna have some fun.

 my mom had some cold beers in the fridge, ones I'd left from the last visit.  A fresh baked apple pie.
We hit up a bar over in Rochester for beers and dinner.   A F'n good night.  I'm stoked to race tomorrow. 
 My bikes are parked in the garage next to my step-dads work bench, he's on the road screening the doc he just made.  He's a good man. 

My mom's from WVa, and I've spent a bunch of times, during the summers as a kid in Parkersburg, and with my Great Grand parents in Ravenswood.   Those were my Andy Griffith days.  Good kid days.

I worked in the South Park mall for 6 months, one of the times I dropped outta college.  Doing the photo stuff, you know, taking portraits at Sears Portrait Studio.   

sorta a home coming,  fucking sorta wanna do well tomorrow, and Sunday, I want to kick some ass.
my Worlds.
cheers, d.

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