fleshtone - Cold Speck

there is a great room in Philly.  Its small, a side chapel in an active church.   You almost could call this place the church of punk rock.    Shows in the basement, the main chapel.  Mostly indie, with a leaning towards punk.  

I carried in a 6 pack of an Old Forge tall boy cans.   Sat with a friend and drank and listened to the music.

in a room like this, a show like this, it gets pretty quite.   The audiences here are very respectful, and are pretty much silent, listening.   Cracking a can is a bit of an art, waiting for a crescendo. "crack".
Same with snapping photos,  I try to make sure that the I take pictures at a time where the shutter click is not heard.

Cold Specks is the name of the band,  but its her, I'm not sure her name, Al Spx I think.  

One of the best shows, again, another great one.  

Her skin tone was very close to the tone of the wood that made up this chapel.  At times she moved away from the mic and out sang the PA.     Listening to music in this room, I feel like a fine beer, aging in a bourbon barrel.

Her recordings come nowhere close to this live sound.   It was nice to hear just her, and a single supporter filling in a bit.   and I really enjoy her recordings,  all morning on the way to help with set up of our cx race tomorrow and all the way home, she played.

the photos, they are dark, same toned.  It was hard to "print" them,  very subtle changes, in the shadow, contrast, values made huge changes in the look.    ..... I need to spend much more time working on the "print".

thanks for reading, cheers, david.

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