hmmm... I've found something that interest me,... in music and the photos I take.  finding the balance between abstract composition and the reality of a clearly focused photograph documenting the performance.

I went to the Death Grips last night, after a dig a ditch fill the ditch type of work day.

never thought I'd see the Death Grips, thought they might flash out in glory, before my chance.  and it worked out perfect.  a good corner to wathch from, very close, on the stage.  very loud, hot. straight through the set. Enough, I was contented. 

I have not slept but a few hours each night the last few days.  and not on the bike at all, much, except a ride over at the Wiss on Monday.

I work a bit more tomorrow, .... and pass out tonight, wake early and finish a good week of work ...tomorrow.
maybe race Sat.,   maybe a long mtbike ride Sunday, and more riding, I look forward to riding, more riding....
I like music the power the unfocused, disconnection, overwemlthed intensity, no time.


where the world seems more in focus, outta focus.

deep love xxoo dlowe.



matt hamm said...

Love the second to last photo. Think it's on FB too. Great composition and color. Send it to them.

d.lowe said...

thx! will do