after years of living I've found
time that
there are moments when I stand in absorbment
taking it in
the beautiful mundane moment of plain
the hills dip, the trail turns, the gray blank light lets it all reach up into the sky,
easy to look at.

I'm wallowing a bit,
with a diagnosed torn ligament in my hand,

somehow on new years eve just headed about to go out the door
my wife asked me to take some pictures

I liked the moment, and it was brief to pose, and aim the camera and capture her before
we were out the door on our way.

I"m not much of a wallower,
distracted by shit,  and just moving on
to soon,
I'll try to make the most of it, the wallowing tonight
then tomorrow just move on

I wish I was sitting on the bank of a creak,  under the tip back opening
the branches of the willow higher here
on a nice quilt,
nice beer
good woman
a pillow, breeze
bare foot, shorts unbutton, with a fat full belly
all afternoon.

Onward, Tally ho......, mates
Cheers, dlowe

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