its there, in the center, my Schwinn.

I've gone from the Keith Richards book to a Zombies book,
World War Z is being a good read, quite good.

(real tilt and shift done with a lens, not electronic enhancement)

I hopped on my stead, for an easy spin out the legs, easy day,....

The East park was full of men, with their cars pulled to the side of the road,  getting blow-jobs, or getting high.     

seemed like a good subject for some photos, but, not today, ... someday I'll post some photos of the parked car zombies.

my goal was the fountain.  I sat, and took a bunch of pictures, only a few came out, and stayed cool in the wind blown fountain mist and the shade of a small sapling.

thought about this shot for awhile, got'er done on the way home

beat around the old falling down building on rock hill road, found my way in, but really not too much interesting, in this falling down shell.

I love philly, I don't think I'll ever consider myself a philadelpian.
I guess I like being a bit of an outsider, disconnected, not attached with loyalty or soul to this city.
One day I'll move away, but for now, this place suits me fine.
cheers, d.
electronically enhanced photo

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