sometimes I forget I am almost 50.
I've been de-tagging myself on facebook,  I sheepishly admit.    I suppose that my work mates, family and friends know what I'm like but....  ha!

Sunday is the pro-race in Phlly.  My wife, postponed out family get together to Today, giving me a kick out the door, yesterday, to bike socialize and watch the race.

and everyone is in a good mood, some a bit rowdy, a few scrapes, broken bones, and me winning a undisclosed amount of wadded up money, by sorta cheating in an impromptu grass crit.  The money will go towards buying beer in the Cross season. 

That little dot back there is George, I kicked his ass up St. Assphat hill.
Well I jumped early, hid behind the bridge, rode up silent behind him, grabbed carefully onto his back-pack, had him tow me a bit, let go, smiled and passed him, got to the top and, of course, gloated a bit with this photo.

These guys, Tom, Anthony and George stand where the statue that's in front of the Union League use to stand. 

Tilt and shift is coming along as I dismantle more glass, looking for a wider/deeper focus lens.

Showed the talented M. Harris my home-made lens, he got a quick nice snap.

50, yep.

cheers, dlowe.

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-JK said...

Sometimes I feel that my only hope of being faster than you is through the natural process of aging. 15 or so more years ought to do it.