I am tired. 

I did not have enough gas in the tank to make all the laps of the Drives Ride tonight.

I came home, and ran water from the garden hose, free flowing, on to my bald scalp.  Rolling down my face, taking the most obvious dried sweat and dust away. 

I guzzled away at the water, quenching.

I drilled and dremeled and tweaked the lens, and twisted it back on to the camera.  and I just walk around the house, lots of pictures of the cats, we've 6 of them.  and Lots of pictures of the flowers that grow outta control all around our house.

later,...It was nice tonight, out in the yard, just doing nothing, watching some fire flies, sipping a beer.
just sitting
laying out in the grass
....later still.
   cheers, d.

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