before I heard the foot steps coming towards us with our food, I could smell the truffle.  The plate was set before me, I popped the yolks and smeared them about.   
(sorry for the not up to food blog standards of photo, from wifes phone)

as much as I love racing, I did not double up the crits on Sunday, no, I went home early and out for brunch with my wife.  Agiato Paninoteca and Enoteca every time we have been there it has been nothing less than spectacular, not in Grand, but in common.  such good food, inexpensive, with local farm eggs (trickling springs creamery)  a very good bottled beer list, and a wait staff that knows everything about ever thing on the menu, and seem welcoming and helpful to non-meat-eaters like my wife and I.   

its nice to have a place to swing by at the end or a ride, hop off the bike, grab a window seat and enjoy a beer.  simple.  d.

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