a lazy sod

i reached over and slid the sliders to the left, that's it, it was done, no alarm, sleeping in, no racing today

 Bruno Nicolai - Cheek to Cheek

I did do the Vino velo
its a spaghetti western type of weekenders training ride
i try to get the most out of it, like holding a wheel while the weavie sod rides up the left and then pushes in, like, hey dude, I'm here, pedaling the bike here.  I'm trying not to say much, ...just jammed my bars in to his thigh a bit, and that was enough. 

tonight I make Lemon Thyme Sorbet

I will race tomorrow
ice crystals
will be
scooped into the young prosecco

and monday
I hope to get myself together enough
the company and ride of Fairhill

who knows?

I like food blogs, their style,
full of great photography

Ms. Ga. Gould we all know kicks a lot of ass racing her bike, and at a cross race most likely you'll see her out cheering on the young ones, just enjoying herself, before she races.

 but I'm really entertained by her cooking.

here's the very stylish site where I found my recipe

cheers, d. 

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