golden hours

my search for music has been dry, till In My Ear Hole, did what it is supposed to do, introduce me to new music.
its link is over on the side bar. 

Let's Wrestle is a small band, just good songs, guitarsbassanddrums. 

 "I will not give in"

I'm a Lets Wrestle fan, and KFRY set me up, with the tip off, of a new Let's Wrestle album.
its not the best sounding album,  I read Mr. steve albini was the producer, I hate the kick sound, and not to crazy 'bout the overall mix.   Despite of the producers sound flaws, the songs still are strong, and I'm sure sound great live (and could be better recorded), I'd like to see this band again, have a few more beers, buy a t-shirt,

tonight I waited till the sun was on the down side of the sky, and I hopped on my cross bike and made my way to forbidden drive.  To do my riding along the Wissahickon creek, low in the cooler valley, rolling along under the dense, thick, shade of the big old trees.   and despite my boner for needing to go fast/hard, and my freaking impulsive lust to blow it all, I'm not going that hard-on  the cross bike.  I'm trying to hold back.    Holding it back.  Just holding it back.

I got home at 8:20 and it was just turning to dusk.    The tungsten glowed gold and the skylight, very blue.   I gotta a new saddle and its the best one yet, the same saddle as the always, just a different covering,  Lorica and Kevlar.   If you'r  looking for a new cross saddle, this might be the one for you.

I'm just getting started in shooting my own photo/videos thing and I am looking for projects,  JK of Revolution Wheelworks set me up, he needed some new shots of his new wheel,  and here are a few that I did:

I don't know much about these new wheels, but if you want more info drop JK a note over at

Got the Water Ice Cross ride in the morning so
that's it, my Golden Monkey is done and I'm off to bed. 

cheers, d.

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Kona Lingus said...

Agree with your assessment of the new Lets Wrestle album. Nothing comes close to the genius of that first ep!