new M.faithfull - Horses and High Heels

i've been in love with Marieanne faithfull (here is a link to streaming of all her songs), since my ear took in the first note.  These black and white photos, sizzle,
I spent just a bit of time reading about her life, just normal, addictions, losing touch, living on the street, resurrecting herself, planning for retirement.

Yesterday after a few errands on the cross bike I headed out.
the other day Looking over K. Clines shoulder as he punched buttons on his phone before a ride, hooked me in
I've added the Mapmyride app to the cell phone.
and with a icon tap it changed my ride.

I was out to do a long ride, over all the hills and dales.
I kept pushing my pace, knowing that it was being recorded.
I don't think I'll use the app very often. 
made me a abit to self-conscious.
but I will have to try one more time for this route,
as for some reason it cut out at 39 miles, leaving probably
15miles of info on the loop out.

the other day I stopped by Tiredhands Brew cafe
all the keys were there,
not making beer, nope, two days after getting the keys to the building in Ardmore, they are dusty and dirty, ripping apart the building they've acquired.
I walked into the mayhem, the dust, fiberglass, insurance office paneling and said hi.
I got there at a good time, late in the afternoon.
Jean, gracious, chatted, and then offered a beer.
a wonderful sour beer,
with a wild raspberry aftertaste,
sill sitting on the tongue, the taste, after I got home and laid myself out for a nap

The wild berries are out, and I took advantage, stopping during my ride,
picking and picking, my fingers dripped with juice,
the darker one were sweeter, and the light red ones were tart.

I stopped for a beer,
and went home to check-out my numbers,

I shall revisit the bushes,
and maybe pick enough to have some to give the the Tiredhands.

cheers, d.

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