green jersey

it took me a long time, and a lot of work, to set, to gel, and then to  build my base,
                              you don't make your luck,  you just want to have some tools on hand to deal with the,

so, now, I've discovered,

 mr. bon iver - live "your live"  (The Outfield)

I've got a few tools, and a bit of my own, way

sometimes things relate, and sometimes we are traveling just staring out the window, as other people live their lives.     I found the breast trinket,  small, like a very large postage stamp, in a remote garden, a semi-public garden, on my recovery ride today. 
behind the cancer wellness center.

so many days at work, I get to view into others lives, and sometimes those lives are full of real pain, loss, death, longing, ....  the hurt of losing, the incredible hurt of losing something.  
and it makes my life just glow stronger, and even more intense.   and what some of the petty things people do, their games,   It don't matter to me.   On a ride the other day, I was just doing a zone, pedaling steady.  I came to a junction, where paths crossed.   Three young ladies stood to the side in the grass, laughing, gestures biggish, and some turns of the heads towards me, seeing me.  They stepped onto the 4' wide path, and ignored me, and spread out, and looked away.   This was my sprint point.   I stood and dropped the chain down the rings, and my legs, pedaled harder, turning the pedals with all, and I lowered my eyes, and held my line.


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