being a minion, I can suck it up, with good tolerance, and with lack of concern of my personal treatment.   You don't have to be kind or fair, or easy or nice to me.  I can function by being yelled at or with glares.  I do my job.  and sometimes that's part of it.  Most of the time I work with very nice, very smart, talented people.

(cheery water ice done)

whats jabbing me in the ribs, and bring on my fired upness, whats got my fat old goat a baying?  I don't like to be told what to do by people that have no right to tell me what to do.   My team,  during the road season I ride along, not involved, there are no meetings, no discussions on decision making, or what to spend the team funds on.   I try to ride along, the shops great to me, Anthony has always been really good to me.  What got me going was that I was told that I had to lead a Sunday Fredish group ride out of the shop.  

freaking its easy for me to start to burn, and get riled up, sometimes I'm right, if not I'm wrong,... 
but, you just don't tell people what to do, you don't take their dues, the sponsorship money they bring in, and not consider that they might have an opinion on how the team runs or what the team spends money on.

Water  Ice Cyclocross Ride
I have a loop, well I have a lot of loops.  Cross loops, tow paths, beer trails, access roads, pavement.   and I figured, I like to get people out on their cross bikes a bit, so I made up a ride.   A  good mix of crew showed up this morning and we got in an enjoyable ride.  No one had to tell me to do this,  I love riding the bike, and I really enjoy sharing what feeble knowledge of riding/routes that I have with others.   Our team does not put on any race, so if I'm at a race or practice I try to help out, even if its just in a small way.    I enjoy it.

a good three day job, ended at a lake, and into a nice sunset

at GV Thursday, I was still a bit blurry eyed, so I went right to the front and set the pace,
it got going,

before the ride
got some good chatting in warming up
and after the ride
hit up Wegmans and got some Rodenbach Grand Cru.
I sipped it last night.

I woke early this morning, I was excited and a bit nervous about the ride. 

on the road for work the next few days, so I'll miss the 1st  of the 5 Mondays of August grass tracks,  but will be working with some good, real good people, looking forward to the trip. 

cheers, the riled up just a tad, but feeling somewhat better getting a bit of it off of my chest.  david

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