I like how the Quakers came by their name, out of a show of disrespect.   Keeping on a hat.   Not taking off a hat before a King.  Thank you Mr. Penn.   Its cool that someone would stand before a King and sorta, in a way say something that means,  there are things greater than the simple rules you make, and the powers you've granted yourself.   and in a way it leads me to Eugene Chadbourne,  "how can you can kill me, I'm already dead".   That my soul, it lives by my rules.
   no doubt,  a serious burden, a struggle I battle within myself through out every day of my life, dealing with what I feel is right and wrong.      Its not a dark struggle,  not a depressed state of mind, more liberating, excepting my flaws, with pain, and also many realized,  just simple, joys.  

so many times I just get happy holding up a middle finger.  and others, simple compassion, and a helpful nudge to someone, in a bit of need.   a hand on the lower back, and like a small push up a hill.

 cheers, F U.  D. Lowe

Ms. Sharon Van Etten 
 One Day. 

@ World Cafe 9/23 Philly

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