Last year was a hot, dry, year in the MAC.
Hot and dusty racing.
This year I've heard the "yearnin for mud"
from some.
Do cross racers have a romantic notion of mud?

 I think some tend to forget how tough mud is,

how, some just pedal away, the bike working, shifting braking.
with what seems to be such little effort.
Smiling a splattered mud face smile.

While others suffer, and toil, cry, then don't show the next day.

I found some mud today.
Mud's not easy, not to say its a beast that can't be domesticated.
I worked hard on the bike today, out in the mud.
a lot of corners repeated
ripping off the grass
just down to nothing but mud
and getting use to the feel
I'm not as good at mud as I want to be, so I know where I need to work.

Mud, you gotta be always ready for the mud.

Cheers, david.

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